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Tarkovsky. The 8th Film

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About the Project

The Film Andrej Tarkovsky never made.

A new opera with live electronic music.

We invite you to participate in the PRODUCTION TEAM!

Enter our world - think with us, feel with us, play with us, donate, participate in rehearsals, watch the performances, be part of us.

Find out about our project below. We will take your input into account. If we particularly like your ideas, we will contact you and discuss them, you can come to meet us, participate in rehearsals and come backstage as part of the team.

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“Tarkovsky. The 8th Film” is an ELECTRONIC OPERA inspired by the life and works of legendary Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky. The production has two main themes:

  • existentialism and creation (the predetermination of fate, fear of the mystical commissioner of the 8th film and of fulfilling that commission, the creative rush of making a new film)
  • attachment to VIRTUAL REALITY (The filmmaker falls in love with his Robot-Nurse, who ends up killing him). Our expectations, hopes and fears in connection with what we are giving over to robots.

Why should you support us?

Your support will help this project come to life.

Just choose – You could also be an angel of travel, robot or costumes by choosing one of the costs and paying it fully.

  • Travel and hosting of three singers from Moscow for the rehearsals in Tallinn – 1000€
  • Travel and hosting of whole group to Bregenz – 2000 €
  • Travel and hosting of whole group to Vienna – 2000 €
  • Travel and hosting of whole group to Tallinn – 1000 €
  • Travel and hosting of whole group to Genova – 2000 €
  • Rent of lovely robot-nurse – 3000 €
  • Costumes of the actors and singers, sets – 600 €

Who are we?

Thomas Desi - idea, concept, text, directing

Ekke Västrik - music, in conjunction with Taavi Kerikmäe, Tarmo Johannes and Thomas Desi

Anaelle Sewanee Dézsy - costumes

Harald Michlits - lighting design

Thomas Desi

Thomas Desi

Stage director & Head of staging concept design

Ekke Vastrik

Ekke Västrik


Tarmo Johannes

Tarmo Johannes


Harald Michlits

Harald Michlits

Lighting designer

Anaelle Dezsy

Annaelle Sewanee Dézsy

Costume designer


Bregenzer Festspiele


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Eesti Kontsert


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Fondazione Luzzati Teatro della Tosse



Prize dinner

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Musiktheatertage Wien

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Prizes: the fastest 5 people with correct answers are invited to the dinner after the show on November 2019 in Tallinn with the cast!

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