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STORY WATER brings together 12 dancers from Emanuel Gat Dance, and the musicians of the prestigious Ensemble Modern. A unique moment of dialog between professional and emerging artists of all horizons and nationalities, sharing an artistic philosophy regarding the development of inclusive, more horizontal creative environments. A distinct vision regarding contemporary artistic creation. This piece will be premiered at the Cour d’Honneur of Festival d’Avignon before touring internationally.

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"No one can walk into fire without an intermediary:

- except for the salamander that hides in it –
You need the water from the bath to enjoy the goodness of fire"*

STORY WATER is an intermediary.

It is warm water, it is bread. It is a garden. It is the story of dancing bodies, of music being played, of colour and line, and of the light that hides and shows it all.

It is an intermediary put to work in the service of communities, through reflecting the issues and concerns of the places where they land. It stands witness to meaning beyond the known, and is therefore a transcendent commerce, a currency, an economy of experiences. It is a place of fluid metaphors waiting for new contexts to emerge, so as to reveal new meanings.

The entire work will be adorned in white and fiercely lit with a daylight-like lighting, designed by Emanuel Gat.

The main choreographic drive behind this new piece is the belief that choreographies are about interactions rather than movements, people rather than compositions, concrete situations rather than ideas and concepts. It examines emerging systems and the way in which they come into being through various processes and interactions between individuals.

The question of how we perceive and process the coexistence of what we SEE and what we HEAR, is at the heart of this program. It's a fundamental question, yet not one to necessarily be answered, but rather a phenomenon to observe and study.

This is the water our stories are made of: STORY WATER is a long deep look into the space in which music and choreography meet, serving as intermediaries and creating a space for people to step into, a freshly watered garden.

*in the Masnavi, by Molana Djalaluddin Balkhi (Rumi), own translation

A production by Emanuel Gat Dance, Ensemble Modern and Frankfurt LAB e.V.
Funded by Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain, the City of Frankfurt and Ensemble Modern Board of Patrons e.V.
Emanuel Gat Dance coproduced by Chaillot – Théâtre National pour la Danse, Festival d'Avignon, deSingel – International Campus for the Arts, Pôle Arts de la Scène – Friche la Belle de Mai. Funded by BNP Paribas Foundation.
Ensemble Modern coproduced by Beethovenfest Bonn, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm.

Why should you support us?

By supporting our project, you will contribute to the promotion of the young emerging talents of an independant company, and help us in further developing the urgent task of democratizing and rejuvenating the fields of contemporary dance.

The funds collected will be used for:

  • As of 300€, we can make a 2nd set of costume for one dancer
  • As of 1 200€, we can buy special technical equipment.
  • As of 2 000€, we can pay more rehearsing time.
  • As of 3 000€, we can pay for professional make-up material for body painting.
  • As of 6 000€, we can edit a video of the premiere. 

Who are we?

As the artistic director of the company Emanuel Gat Dance, Emanuel Gat will create the choreography, scenography, and lights of STORY WATER. There will be twelve dancers involved, from nine different countries (France, Germany, Australia, Taiwan, UK, USA, Hungary, Sweden, Poland) with very different experiences, ages (from 23 to 40) and backgrounds (from Ballet to Hip-hop).

The dancers' team is composed of : Arnaud Bacharach, Thomas Bradley, Robert Bridger, Peter Juhasz, Zoé Lecorgne, Michael Löhr, Emma Mouton, Edward Oroyan, Karolina Szymura, Milena Twiehaus, Sara Wilhelmsson, Ting-An Ying.

Emanuel Gat Dance teams up with the Ensemble Modern of Frankfurt composed for this project of 10 of his members, 3 guest musicians, and the internationally renowned Franck Ollu as a conductor. There will be 3 different scores : one by Rebecca Saunders, one by Pierre Boulez. The third one will be composed by Emanuel Gat himself together with the musicians of the Ensemble who will share the stage with the dancers during the all piece.

The costumes will be designed by Thomas Bradley, also dancer of the company. 


Emanuel Gat


Bradley Low

Thomas Bradley

Costume designer

Ensemble Modern Logo

Musicians of Ensemble Modern



Franck Ollu


La Fabrica - Festival dAvignon

Peter Juhász


La Fabrica - Festival dAvignon

Emma Mouton



Milena Twiehaus



Arnaud Bacharach



Michael Löhr



Sara Wilhelmsson


La Fabrica - Festival dAvignon

Robert Bridger



Eddie Oroyan



Karolina Szymura



Zoé Lecorgne



TingAn Ying



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Ensemble Modern


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Frankfurt LAB


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Festival d'Avignon




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La Fabrica - Festival dAvignon

Jury Nominee, FEDORA Prizes

Emanuel Gat Dance

Second Week of Rehearsals at La FabricA, Festival d'Avignon

30 April 2018

Avignon / France

Second Week of Rehearsals at La FabricA, Festival d'Avignon: photos and a new rehearsals clip.

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La Fabrica - Festival dAvignon

Jury Nominee, FEDORA Prizes

Emanuel Gat Dance

Rehearsals at La Philharmonie de Paris / Official Teaser

24 March 2018

Paris / France

A new official teaser for Story Water, created during rehearsals at the Philharmonie de Paris in March 2018.

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La Fabrica - Festival dAvignon

Jury Nominee

Emanuel Gat Dance

First Week of Rehearsals at La FabricA, Festival d'Avignon

23 January 2018

Avignon / France

A preview of the first week of rehearsals at the FabricA, Festival d'Avignon in January 2018.
For six days, the 12 dancers reunited with Emanuel for the very first steps of the creation process!
Three new dancers joined the company for this piece: TingAn Ying, Zoé Lecorgne, and Arnaud Bacharach.
At this occasion, only on the second day, the group has opened the studio to more than 300 people for an open rehearsal, followed by workshops and events.

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