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In 2021, FEDORA and Opera Europa launched the Next Stage Initiative to trigger change and recovery in the opera and dance sector. This initiative provides financial support and skills development to boost innovation through sustainability, inclusivity, and digital transformation.

The Next Stage Grants will financially support the projects that help create new industry standards and opportunities. The jury will evaluate how innovative, collaborative, transformative, feasible and scalable the project are. Moreover, through the Next Stage Forums, professional development and trainings will be given to the management and artistic teams to boost knowledge sharing and peer-learning in the fields.

In summer 2021, the international management consulting company Kearney, conducted a pro-bono study with 100 opera houses and dance companies all over Europe in order to identify challenges, opportunities and best practices for the future of opera and dance.


16 March 2022

Launch of the call for applications

30 April 2022

Shortlist Announcement

Düsseldorf, Germany
16 April 2022

End of the call for applications

Düsseldorf, Germany
17 June 2022

Next Stage Grant Recipients Announcement

Prague, Czech Republic
Summer 2023

Impact Report




Grants will reward projects that implement:
  • Green initiatives increasing eco responsibility
  • Decreasing carbon footprint
  • Practices encouraging circular economy


Grants will reward projects that implement:
  • Inclusive initiatives encouraging equal opportunities
  • Showcasing and promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Improving accessibility at diverse levels

Digital Transformation

Grants will reward projects that implement:
  • Digital initiatives driving efficiency
  • Creative opportunities through smart tech innovation
  • Revenue generation and cost savings through new technology


*Projects may be positioned under multiple areas of impact.

Project led by

With the support of

  • A Private Foundation

In collaboration with pro-bono Expert Partner


Support sustainable innovation in opera and dance

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