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FEDORA - The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera and Ballet is a non-profit association committed to supporting and contributing to the future of opera and dance in Europe. The association was founded in 2013 in Paris, under the presidency of Jérôme-François Zieseniss, in homage to Rolf Liebermann. FEDORA's main objective is to encourage emerging artists to renew these genres, thus making opera and dance more accessible, while fostering the emergence of new business models. In order to achieve this goal, FEDORA raises funds to stimulate innovation in the sector not only on, but also behind and beyond the stage, fostering its sustainable, inclusive and digital transformation.

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Vision and mission

  • Encourage emerging artists to renew opera and dance thus making these genres more accessible.

  • Foster the emergence of new business models.

  • Stimulate sustainable innovation in the sector not only on, but also behind and beyond the stage, fostering its sustainable, inclusive and digital transformation.

Our values



International collaboration and mobility




Digital Transformation


Project plan

  • Year 1


    — 2018

    The FEDORA Platform

    Set-up of the FEDORA Platform making innovative opera and ballet projects of excellence more visible and accessible to the general public, and to promote the involvement and interaction with younger audiences through an online voting and donating system.

  • Year 2


    — 2019

    Education Prize

    Launch of a FEDORA Education Prize awarding innovative opera and ballet education projects encouraging social integration and intercultural dialogue.

  • Year 3


    — 2020

    Digital Prize

    Launch of a FEDORA Digital Prize together with a Platform App enabling mobile donations and increased interactions with a larger audience.

  • Year 4


    — 2021

    European Onling Giving App

    Launch of an online transnational giving system in collaboration with Transnational Giving Europe that will allow simplified online cross-border donations and facilitate philanthropy across Europe

  • Year 5


    — 2022

    Launch of the Next Stage Initiative

    FEDORA & Opera Europa announce the launch of the Next Stage Initiative to boost knowledge and invest in green, inclusive and digital transformative initiatives behind and beyond the stage.

  • Year 6


    — 2023

    FEDORA’s 10-year anniversary

    FEDORA celebrates 10 years of impact, renewal and change for the opera and dance sector while spotlighting the stakeholders who form our unique community.


6.2 million
public and private funds raised for new creations
57 new co-productions
financially supported
+ 900 artists
showcased through the prizes on the platform
+ 500000 people
attended the performances around the world
+ 94000 public votes
on the platform

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