First Week of Rehearsals at La FabricA, Festival d'Avignon

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23 January 2018

Avignon / France


Jury Nominee

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Jury Nominee, FEDORA Prizes

Teatro Sociale di Como - AsLiCo

Blue Water (Acquaprofonda) has reached its second step!

25 September 2020


Blue Water (Acquaprofonda), with its 10th donor has reached its second goal! Great news: they will be able to prepare Braille boards of the scenes for their visually impaired young spectators!

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Erwartung_CF_Trailer_wald_001_Heimspiel GmbH

Jury Nominee

Stiftung Staatstheater Augsburg

Media keep covering "Erwartung"

20 October 2022


German media outlet "Bayerischer Rundfunk" visited us the other day to witness our orchestra perform "Erwartung" for the 3D audio recording. They write:

"For the ultra-real listening experience, the 3D sound of the VR game, the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra recorded the music at a concert hall in Augsburg. A square iron frame hovers above the orchestra, specially made with a 3D printer and equipped with numerous microphones. The orchestra itself is also teeming with microphones."

All this hard work of the audio department and the orchestra will integrate seamlessly into the VR game at the end. Read the whole article here:

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Jury Nominee, FEDORA Prizes

Teatro Sociale di Como - AsLiCo

We have reached our first step!

14 September 2020


Thanks to our first donors we are now able to adopt up to 5 whales from the Mediterranean Sea and help protect this species!
#StayTuned for more exciting news and continue to donate to help us implement the educational offer!

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