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Totality in Parts, a reenactment
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A new, interactive installation inspired by the performance Totality in Parts about the inseparability of the individual from the behaviour of a group in which the visitor is the center of the spatial but intimate installation.

About the Project

The Royal Swedish Ballet, Make Move Think foundation and RNDR are planning to collaborate around a digital project developing the production Totality in parts, originally choreographed by Lukas Timulak for the Royal Swedish Ballet in 2018, initiated by ballet director Nicolas Le Riche.

The aim is to transfer the piece to exist in other media, adapted for the new reality of the post-pandemic world; through a large-scale interactive installation and a web app.

The installation will use cutting edge machine learning technologies in combination with spatial sensors in order to provide a unique visitor experience.

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In the original choreography, Lukas Timulak scrutinized the inseparability of the individual from the group behavior. This piece served as an inspiration for a larger public to study the outside world but also getting to know themselves better. The interactive installation goes a step further: creates an intimate situation, where the viewer is at the center of the installation. The viewer’s distance and movement serve as the interface that controls the interactive elements and creates a highly immersive experience and a completely new way to be part of a dance project.

The digital project consists of two parts developed from filmed material of the original stage production;
An interactive monolithic installation where visitors can explore different visualizations of Totality in Parts. We will develop a suite of visualizations that are all interpretations of the piece. Through their interaction, visitors influence which visualization they see by their presence and position in relation to the installation, being part of the artistic render.
The web app allows the user to explore the piece in a more personal and intimate manner. Moving from the physical experience to the inner. Different movements of the phone (tilting, rotate, pinch, etc.) can trigger different visualizations. No app download will be needed, but instead it will play in a browser, which makes it more accessible for a general audience.

Why should you support us?

Totality in parts, a reenactment was initially created for the cause of prolonging the life of scenic productions and making the art form accessible whilst simultaneously reaching a broad audience for an unlimited period.

In this highly uncertain time, the project has become highly topical. The choreography can be reused and developed and live on indefinitely, making it adjustable and sustainable. Besides, it also enables anyone to experience the performance – anywhere.

Our mission is always to provide quality ballet that is compelling, accessible, and entertaining to our audience no matter where they are. And we are devoted to providing equitable access to the arts that keep it alive today and for generations to come.

Please help us bring the project to the next step! To carry out the project and share the performance that delights and inspires, we need your help. Your contribution provides vital support to ensure that our software will continue to produce engaging ballet for our global audience. Support the project today. 

Who are we?

RNDR was founded in 2017 in The Hague, (NL). Its main members have years of experience as partners, computer scientists, designers, and developers at LUST and LUSTlab. One of the core projects of RNDR is OPENRNDR, an open source framework for creative coding.

RNDR designs and codes the future, by transforming data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into narratives. To achieve this, we develop processes, create structures, design visualizations, code programs, and create interactions. The end result can manifest itself across different media, ranging from interactive installations, to print and everything in between —often real-time. We are triggered by how information and technology transforms networks, cultures, societies, relationships, behaviors, and interactions between people. RNDR’s work is only finished by its use.

The Make Move Think Foundation is an initiative by dancer/choreographer Lukáš Timulak focusing on multidisciplinary artistic collaborations. It builds on decades of collaboration with Peter Biľak, a designer who contributes regularly to Timulak’s performances. It is a place where the visual and performing arts come together to produce new physical and digital works including live performances, films, documentaries, installations, workshops and lectures.

The Royal Swedish Ballet with its 70 dancers is the only National ballet company in Sweden. The company was founded by King Gustav III in 1773 and is one of the oldest ballet companies in the world. The artistic Director of the Royal Swedish Ballet is Nicolas Le Riche.The repertoar consists of new creations, classical ballet, neoclassical- and contemporary works.  

Lukas Timulak

Lukas Timulak


Peter Bilak

Peter Bilak

Set Designer

Volker Bertelmann

Volker Bertelmann


Hektor Salgado

Hector Salgado

Video Artist

Tom Visser

Tom Visser

Lighting Designer

Annemarije van Harten

Annemarije van Harten

Costume Designer

Jeroen Barendse

Jeroen Barendse

Motion Designer


Make Move Think Foundation

Make Move Think Foundation






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