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Laila - Immersive Installation

Finnish National Opera and Ballet



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Laila - Immersive Installation

About the Project

The canon of opera divas from Aida to Salome will soon be shaken up by an extraordinary new diva.

The Finnish National Opera’s Laila invites the audience to shape her reality and the world of the future together with artificial intelligence. She challenges us to encounter our hopes, fears and anxieties related to technology and the unknown tomorrow.

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The new, interactive work created for the Finnish National Opera rejects the traditional roles of performing arts, as its music and visuality evolve and change in interaction with the audience. In Laila, you are not the audience, but one of many actors shaping reality. Laila is a unique experience, which is different every time.

The installation by composer Esa-Pekka Salonen, dramaturg Paula Vesala, the renowned Finnish pop artist, sound designer Tuomas Norvio and the Ekho Collective will be premiered in Helsinki in August, 2020.

Why should you support us?

Laila shuffles the conventional set up of a performance: Instead of there being the active stage and the more passive auditorium, the conductor and star soloists, Laila invites you under the dome of a virtual universe where the reality will be formed through an interaction between you and the other experiencers - along with your avatars.

Opera has always evolved in the flow of time. Become one of the pioneers of the new era of performing arts.


Who are we?

Esa Pekka Salonen

Esa-Pekka Salonen


Paula Vesala

Paula Vesala


Tuomas Norvio

Tuomas Norvio

Sound Designer

Ekho Collective

Ekho Collective


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