FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - Kearney

19 April 2024

We had a conversation with Mirja Telzerow, European People Director at Kearney, and member of the Next Stage Grants Jury. Kearney is the FEDORA Digital Prize sponsor and Next Stage pro-bono expert partner.

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We are delighted to announce that Rail Europe, Europe’s leading train ticketing platform, has joined the FEDORA community as a corporate member...

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Kathryn List - Video Thumbnail

FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - AVL Cultural Foundation

14 December 2022

We had the chance to have a conversation with Kathryn List, Co-Founder and CEO of the AVL Cultural Foundation in Graz, in Austria, who told us about the importance of giving artists the financial and technological means to tell the stories of our society and to bring them to the stage...

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FEDORA Ambassador Series - Catherine Tanneau - Variations International - Thumbnail © FEDORA

FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - Variations International

18 July 2022

We had a conversation with Catherine Tanneau, CEO of Variations International and Activision Coaching Institute, who shared her thoughts about the importance of fostering emerging talent to unleash their potential and creativity.

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Christian Binelli

FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - SECUTIX

07 June 2022

We had a conversation with Christian Binelli, COO of SecuTix - 360° Ticketing Solution, who shared his thoughts on how solidarity and team work can bring a community together and impact the whole opera and dance sector.

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FEDORA Ambassadors - Montage

FEDORA's Philanthropists

Meet FEDORA's Ambassadors

06 April 2022

In this series, we invite members of our philanthropic community to share with us why they became donors of FEDORA. In these interviews, you will get to learn about the individuals and companies who support us and our mission to encourage the next generation of emerging talents...

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Thumbnail Hannes Tronsberg - FEDORA Ambassador Series 3

FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - future demand

22 February 2022

Berlin / Germany

We had a conversation with Hannes Tronsberg, the Founder and CEO of future demand, who shared his views on how collaboration and knowledge sharing between the performing arts sector and the tech industry is key to reaching new audiences...

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Alexandre Grellier - Drooms

FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - Drooms

09 December 2021

Paris / France

We met with Alexandre Grellier, the CEO of Drooms, with whom we exchanged ideas on how the tech industry and the performing arts sector can inspire and learn from each other

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Giving Tuesday - FEDORA - Proud to support

FEDORA's Philanthropists

Giving Tuesday - Changing the world through generosity

30 November 2021

Today is "Giving Tuesday", an opportunity to give back to causes that are close to your heart. FEDORA strives to bring together different voices to create a culture of cooperation so that, together, we can make a difference to support emerging talent in the performing arts. Meet some of our individual and corporate ambassadors who share their stories, and why they became donors of FEDORA.

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Guillaume Descottes

FEDORA's Philanthropists

FEDORA Ambassadors - Guillaume Descottes

19 October 2021

We had a conversation with one of our major donors, Guillaume Descottes, who shared his thoughts on the importance of showcasing opera and dance creations to new audiences to inspire change in our lives.

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