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06 April 2022

FEDORA's Philanthropists

The FEDORA Ambassadors Series

In this series, we invite members of our philanthropic community to share with us why they became donors of FEDORA. In these interviews, you will get to learn about the individuals and companies who support us and our mission to encourage the next generation of emerging talents and the renewal of opera and dance.

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Meet the Ambassadors…


Founding Member and Board Member
CEO of Deloitte France and Francophone Africa

We interview Gianmarco Monsellato, who talks about how, in times of crisis, we are reminded of the importance of culture to feel connected with humanity.


Individual Member - Donor
Co-founder and CEO of Newzik

Meet one of our donors, Aurélia Azoulay-Guetta, as she explained her thinking on how digital technologies can stimulate collaborations and ease the work of musicians.


MANGOPAY - Corporate Member
Chief Marketing Officer

Online giving allows innovative and artistic projects to reach out to a larger and wider audience. We had the chance to speak with Maaike Bosch as she considered the potential of digital tools as a vehicle for creativity and innovation.  

Individual Member - Donor
Co-founder and CEO of Panthea

Speaking with Carl de Poncins, we heard all about his thoughts on how digital innovation can help make opera and ballet more accessible.

Individual Member - Major Donor
CEO and Founder of Vialma (Media Partner of the FEDORA Prizes 2020/2021 Award Ceremony)

Guillaume Descottes, shared his thoughts on the importance of showcasing opera and dance creations to new audiences to inspire change in our lives.

EXEC AVENUE - Corporate Member

Managing Partner

Meet Frédérique Genton, who brought to light the importance of building culturally diverse teams and fostering talent.


AVL Cultural Foundation - Corporate Member

In this video, we hear from Dr. Elisabeth Gigler who tells us more about the importance of maintaining a very active dialogue between technology and the arts to foster innovation.


Drooms - Corporate Member

We met with Alexandre Grellier, the CEO of Drooms, with whom we exchanged ideas on how the tech industry and the performing arts sector can inspire and learn from each other.


Individual Member - Major Donor

Encouraging exposure to the arts at an early age can be life changing. Sylvie Matz shared her views about the importance of making the art forms of opera and ballet accessible to young people. 


future demand - Corporate Member
Founder and CEO

We had a conversation with Hannes Tronsberg, the Founder and CEO of future demand, who shared his views on how collaboration and knowledge sharing between the performing arts sector and the tech industry is key to reaching new audiences. 

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