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Dance training for people with a disability


Working on the dream of dancers with a (learning) disability.


"Kobe had been dancing in his bedroom for years. Thanks to Platform-K, he has already performed in several shows."

If you have a (learning) disability and you dream of becoming a dancer, you have very limited options. People with a disability are excluded from professional dance training. The mission of Platform-K is to fill this gap. We believe that dancers with a disability are an added value to the contemporary dance scene. To attain this goal, we have developed two strategies. On the one hand, we offer training programmes to people with a disability. We give them tools to become strong, self-aware dancers. On the other hand, we change the perception of dance companies and dance school.  

Our training programme consists of different modules.
  1. Beginners: Basic dance training. Motivation and talent are key selection criteria.
  2. Advanced: develop a personal dance identity. Program: yoga (strength, flexibility, concentration), contemporary dance technique (translated to their bodies), creative lab (improvisation) and presentation. We also have coaching sessions to exchange ideas, feedback and ambitions.
  3. Individual trajectory: the dancers in the advanced level need more challenge. Therefore, we offer residencies and work together with dance academies (graduate school level).
    a) Residencies: We create time and space for two dancers: one dancer with and one without a disability. Together they explore the possibilities of cooperation. This can lead to a presentation, but the focus is more on the process.
    b) Collaboration with dance academies: some dancers attend a course in the regular dance educational field. We believe this is interesting in both ways: for the dancer with a disability it is challenging, for the students of the dance academy it opens their eyes and shows them a different world and inspiration. E.g. Hannah attended courses with Ultima Vez, Belgian company Wim Vandekeybus.

Artistic Team

Frauke Seynnaeve and Inge Lattré are the familiar faces of Platform-K. They combine experience with people with a disability with artistic experience. Inge has worked in several theatre companies. Frauke is a dancer and dance teacher herself. Because they know both worlds, they are the perfect team for making the link between dancers with a disability and professional dancers, choreographers and dance companies.

Inge Lattre

Inge Lattré

Artistic Director

Frauke Seynnaeve

Frauke Seynnaeve

Education Specialist


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