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Muziektheater Transparant

New Audiences

The TRANSLAB Youth Opera and coached productions with young talents have their own social media campaigns to reach younger audiences. Our house Matterhorn lies in a multicultural area so every event that we organize can reach many ethnic communities. “Nightshade: Aubergine”, which deals with migration invites new audiences, especially refugees and newcomers. With “The Channel/Crossing Borders” the queer community gets involved because of the content and the partnerships. 

Nightshade: Aubergine

Innovation & Creativity

By setting up a dialogue between artists from different fields, we create projects with artistic and social relevance while rethinking and re-interpreting the repertoire. The mix of different art forms is innovating and creates new forms of opera and music theatre. In “Earth Diver” video art was the cornerstone for the old and new music pieces, the vocal art and the special stage design. The use of visual arts is the focus in 2018 with new productions like Harriet and Canticum Canticorum. 

Earth Diver

Emerging Artists

In TRANSLAB, Muziektheater Transparant opens its doors to young makers of music theatre and offers them support, training and opportunities for creation at our Matterhorn workspace. That way, we make a long-term commitment to a new generation of emerging performing artists and put them in touch with inspiring artists who act as their coach. The Youth opera, an annual summer project in which between 15 and 25 year olds create a mixed production, alternate between the classical and non-classical repertoires. 

Persfoto's Orfeo Viajero


A lot of our resources are invested in young talent and especially long-term artistic cooperation with artists. We rely on subsidies from the Flemish Authorities and on our own income from the sale of productions, and from co-production and sponsoring. At the end of 2018 we will start a new support program for young singers. The public can donate to one of our new young TRANSLAB singers in residence. Depending on the leverage of support, the giver gets invitations to premieres or other events. 


Support sustainable innovation in opera and dance

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