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Guy Coolen

"Muziektheater Transparant sees great opportunities for partnerships and emerging artists. “Private View” won the first FEDORA-Rolf Liebermann Prize for Opera, followed by "Untold", winner of the FEDORA Opera Prize in 2023. Since 2017, we have proudly presented ourselves as a FEDORA Platform Member to play a big part in the future of the opera art form." Guy Coolen Artistic & General Director

Production house Muziektheater Transparant enters into an intensive dialogue with artists from various disciplines and creates, renews and presents musical theatre and new opera in its entire diversity for a wide audience. The voice is placed firmly at the centre of the projects and enters into dialogue with other disciplines like visual arts, films, videos, graphics, which are equally integrated in their productions. 

The company pays particular attention to offering contemporary musicians the chance to develop and try new work. It works with composers like Annelies Van Parys and with artists like Claron McFadden. In TRANSLAB, Muziektheater Transparant opens its doors to young makers of music theatre and offers them support, training and opportunities for creation. 

In addition to their performances in Belgium, the institution is internationally active and it has performed at many festivals, opera houses and European Capitals of Culture. This gives Muziektheater Transparant a unique national and international character. 

This season Muziektheater Transparant continues to captivate different audiences with a wide range of unique projects and performances, each of which is a universe on its own. Our artists will take you on a journey through current social, cultural, and political shifts, offering you a lot of food for thought. With kind and dedicated support of a number of venues, festivals and partners, we manage to bring an increasingly diverse and larger audiences to the music theatre we stand for.

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In 1830, riots broke out during the performance of Auber’s opera 'La Muette de Portici' at Brussels La Monnaie theatre, which led to the Belgian Revolution. In 'PORTICI', Silence Radio and Muziektheater Transparant translate this historic event into a modern context. The multilingual cast, including deaf actors, dancers, musicians, and poets, uses sign language, humour, and music to tell the story of a country in identity crisis, aiming to create connection across barriers. 

Coproduction: WALPURGIS and Perpodium. 

With the support of Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government and CERA.   


Interested in a collaboration with this organisation ? Please contact:

Thibault Gueho

Members and Development Coordinator at FEDORA

+33 (0)7 68 51 51 68


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