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Parade[s] Orfeo & Majnun le dimanche 24 juin 2018 sur le Cours Mirabeau, Aix-en-Provence. Festival d’Aix-en-Provence.

Founded with the conviction that doing is getting to grips with something, the Passerelles approach is practical and invites everybody to be the actor of his/her own discovery. Taking place over the whole year, the awareness itineraries proposes made-to-measure and progressive journeys in order to approach opera in its current state. Passerelles, is not taking action for but with the audiences.

The whole of the Festival’s artistic project feeds off Passerelles and its audiences – and vice versa. A fertile reciprocity, for a Festival d’Aix always more participatory.

Innovation and Creativity


Incises distinguishes the contemporary programmes which form part of a central art of the Festival d’Aix. Operatic creations or revivals, symphonic works, chamber pieces, meetings and masterclasses form part of a festival in the Festival, rich in its diversity. Similar to an echo chamber reserved for today’s music, Incises will propose each summer, operas and concerts including numerous creations. The whole profusion of the creations of our time are reflected in Incises, shimmering and… incisive.

Emerging Artists

Concert de Chant « As this Dark Hour Ends » de l’Académie Mozart du Festival d’Aix-en-Provence. Avec : Sopranos : Galina Averina, Bozena Bujnicka, Palesa Malieloa ; Mezzo-Soprano : Fleur Barr

By bringing together artists coming from all over the world and from all artistic horizons, the Académie is the catalyser where all these elements simmer together. An experimental laboratory where ideas bump into one another, where people on the same wavelength meet-up, where creativity just goes wild with all the contacts going on. Where artistic demands go hand in hand with research – and can also accept an error as having taken a salutary risk.

From the idea to its realisation on stage, the Académie accompanies over time, the young men and women creators as well as their projects and provide them with the tools in order to achieve their ambitions, with the support of the ENOA network.


RELATIONS ENTREPRISES,  photographies realisees lors de la premiere de DAVID ET JONATHAS. Prise de vues des mises et cocktails dinatoires, Cour de Maynier d’Oppède ,  au Cloitre et au  Jardin

Each year, more than 150 individual donors and 60 corporate sponsors support the Festival d’Aix. As the Festival’s first source of own revenue, individual and corporate donations are essential to the success of our ambitious artistic and educational project.

Numerous individual supporters and family foundations from France and abroad contribute to the development of the Festival d’Aix, in particular through the Club des Mécènes, the Festival d’Aix’s endowment fund and our International Friend’s partner organizations, IFILAF UK and IFILAF US. Individuals and corporate partners contribute to make opera a living art!

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