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Teatro Regio di Parma

OPERA DIGITAL WAREHOUSE. An innovative project at Teatro Regio di Parma.
Smart solutions for the storage and logistics of opera sets and costumes


With its bicentenary history, Teatro Regio di Parma owns a heritage that makes it one of the most prestigious “teatro di tradizione” theatres of our country. Such a richness – representing its economic and historic value and being fundamental for the management of the institution – is represented by hand-made objects crafted by artisans, whose work preserves and passes down ancient wisdom to younger generations, and by artists who created sets and costumes, giving it great value and meaning. Over the years, such a heritage has been preserved in warehouses, both outdoors and indoors, in a conspicuous number of containers full of scenographic items and costumes. Year after year, the productions has been cumulating without any monitoring of the reached quantity of such elements. Back then, the only way to check the state of the containers was to hire handlers and workers to unload, control and reload them.

A process of digital innovation has begun. It is process of reorganization and computerization of the warehouses which, in the total absence of models in the theatre sector – and thanks to the collaboration and data exchange of scientific skills with the University of Parma, as well as with leading companies in the in the field of IT – is leading Teatro Regio to use storage spaces always more efficiently, to streamline and improve organizational and executive processes, and also to enhance the heritage of theatrical productions, for the benefit of the future of the Theatre and of the next generations of opera enthusiasts, who will be able to continue to enjoy it.
"Opera digital Wharehouse" highlights once again the importance of the theatre factory, its crafts and skills, its history and the development of transversal relationships that Teatro Regio has been developing by keeping together the great theatrical tradition, a strong know-how and an impulse towards modernity.

Project Team

The project team is as structured as the complexity of the project itself: Internal Team Teatro Regio: it is made up of two representatives from two areas, the Technical Area and the IT Area. The two areas, specialized respectively in the logistics of the fittings and IT systems, coordinated and guided all phases of the research (Francesco Garulli, logistics and Emiliano Farri IT). Research team - RFID: the working group of the University of Parma that focused on RFID and the tagging of the individual elements of the set-up consists of the RFID Lab, a research branch belonging to the Engineering and Architecture department. The group coordinated by Professor Antonio Rizzi, whose mission is "the exploration of the applications of RFID technology and the Internet of Things to business processes, also defines itself as" a research center at the crossroads between the main technology suppliers and RFID end users”. Antonio Rizzi is also vice President of Murata Id Solutions, RFID partner for project implementation. Research team - Future Technology Lab: the working group of the University of Parma that focused on the logistics of the fittings and on the development of the algorithm is made up of the Future technology lab, a research branch belonging to the Department of Engineering and Architecture. The group, coordinated by Professor Roberto Montanari and Professor Andrea Volpi defines itself as "a competence center in the field of enabling technologies of industry 4.0 such as Augmented Reality, Radiofrequency & Identification, IOT, Cyber Physical Systems, Big Data & Analytics, Simulation, Horizontal / Vertical Integration. Which works on applications in various industrial sectors, in particular in consumer goods, textiles and clothing, mobility and smart urban logistics. IT and Engineering Specialist Labinf: he support the two research teams with his expertise and through the study and supply of software solutions (Giorgio Morizio)


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