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1 project, 2 national theatres / opera houses, 3 local utility companies in a cross-sectoral collaboration, with a digital and offline approach to sustainability using the 4R method (reduce, reuse, recycle, repair), will transform production practices and develop young audiences via pilot programs.


Don Carlo 4R: Piloting 4R in Theatre Productions and Development of Young Audiences

The Rijeka and Maribor national theatres and their opera companies share a vision of transforming community through cultural performance. They will collaborate with local utility companies Čistoća, Ponikve and Surovina in order to implement a 4R approach to opera production (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair). The collaboration will provide the respective theatres with locally sourced reusable materials for theatrical productions. By using such materials, we will contribute to a greater sense of sustainability in our local community, lower our carbon footprint and upcycle objects that can be used for props, costumes and set pieces. The project is comprised of three interdependent pillars: the “Don Carlo” opera co-production by Maribor and Rijeka Opera theatres; workshops and webinars for high school and university students in collaboration with local utility companies and set and costume designers; and "mini opera", an abridged, hour-long educational version of “Don Carlo” adapted for youth and supplemented by short instructive films provided on an online platform for young audiences, their educators and parents.


Using our unique public relevance and influence, we as artists and theatre institutions should contribute to positive changes in our respective societies. Implementing cross-sectoral collaborations between communal utility companies and public cultural institutions in a full-scale opera co-production has the great potential of communicating future-oriented and transformative values to our audiences and wider communities.
Webinars will be organized for university students to enhance their understanding of sustainability across the board. High school students will engage in 4R workshops based on the designs of our opera production, using artefacts that have a function in the opera. Our vision of sustainable theatrical production will become more real as the wider audience will not only learn about sustainable behavior and practices but connect with the Opera.

Project Team

Marin Blažević, General Manager and Artistic Director, CNT Zajc Danilo Rošker, General Manager SNT Maribor Jasmina Šegon, Lead Project Manager Benjamin Vinc, Partner Project Manager Marlena Brdar, Project Assistant Bernard Koludrović, Producer Wolfgang von Zoubek, Set and Lighting Designer Maša Kolar, Choreographer and Director of Ballet Sandra Dekanić, Costume Designer Katarina Mažuran Jurešić, Audience Development Program Coordinator Valentin Egel, conductor Simon Krečič, conductor Anamarija Knego, soloist Aljaž Farasin, soloist


Slovenian National Theatre Maribor



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