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As an interactive, multimedia online tool, Fortissimo wants to enable young users to intuitive learning and offers teachers an innovative learning tool for distance and face-to-face lessons to bring the new generations closer to classical music. Fortissimo combines skills to be taught with gaming.


We are here to expand our abilities and talents and we believe that we can do this easily and joyfully. Brain and communication research coupled with the concentrating power of music make this possible. We believe that every child learns easily and happily and that the connection to music increases our intellectual capacity in a relaxed manner. With Fortissimo we create an interactive, multimedia online tool, that enables young users to intuitive learning and offers teachers an innovative learning tool for distance and face-to-face lessons to bring the new generations closer to classical music. Fortissimo combines the skills to be taught with gaming.

To date, the world market for classical music education programs (both offline and online) is completely underdeveloped, and professional orchestras and opera houses are overwhelmed by the costs incurred in the education departments. Fortissimo responds to this market need with an online tool that consists of a digital app, a web portal with teaching materials and a digital concert hall, which once a year enables child-friendly moderated concert experiences even for schools that are far away from a concert hall. We start with Fortissimo for the age group 6-7 in English, German, Italian and Polish; other European languages and other age groups (3-5/8-10/11-15) will follow.

Fortissimo tries to reach its users via the education ministries and school authorities as well as via teachers, orchestras, opera houses and parents. A low-price license model guarantees the accessibility and at the same time the development of a sustainable business model.

Fortissimo is the first education project of this magnitude and is only possible through intercultural cooperation – the project is far too expensive for a single partner. With Fortissimo we contribute to a future where children have full access to digital tools that enable them to learn differently, ideally in a playful way, so that learning is fun (forever) and they love it.

Project Team

We are a young motivated team that believes in the power of music, that believes that the youngest in our society should and must have access to music and that we can make a real difference in the digital age. We believe in the power of a shared vision and we support the project with our very specific skills. Everybody of us is part of one of the project partners – either the creative or the technical partners. As we are going to translate a music education initiative into the digital space, in our team we make sure that the cultural knowledge and music-specific know-how of the creative partners are merged with the technical skills of the app developer and the design and communication skills of the audio-visual partner. This will make it possible to create a unique digital tool that is, attractive for ministries of culture and education, as well as for ambassadors. The educators in our team (coming from the opera houses) contribute with many years of experience in the field of music education. We are also in close contact with the teachers and school classes – this way we ensure that we can always check whether we are on the right track with the development steps and that the new digital tool finds its way into the schools. The communication departments of our houses support us in this. As for the technical part, Benjamin will lead the technical development of the app and web app and coordinate all the team of developers that will work to realize Fortissimo. Lea brings in the necessary know-how to translate our creative ideas into games. And with Dominik's expertise we get professional voice and sound recordings and he composes all the sounds which we need for buttons/feedbacks/klicks etc. in the app.


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