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Opera Education was created with the aim of opening the doors of the opera house to the public of tomorrow, strongly believing that the sharing of ideas and knowledge contained in the musical language cancels distances. For this reason, its educational and artistic proposals aim to create a path to discover that diversity is a precious asset that enriches us, working to stimulate curiosity and the sense of community.

In order to meet the individual needs of each young audience member, we have come up with more inclusive solutions for structuring the educational contribution of the Opera domani project (6-14 years):

the production of an inclusive opera booklet with text in Easy to Read and fully translated into Sign Language;

the production of tactile tables faithful to some scenes from the opera: these are drawings in relief that allow blind and visually impaired people to get to know the performance also through its set design;

the translation of some parts of the opera into Sign Language, through choreographies that will be performed by the whole audience;

the programming of accessible multisensory workshops to get to know and appreciate the opera through all the senses;

the possibility for the public to record their own voice for the audio description that will accompany the performance, thanks to a system of radios available to the public;

on the day of the performance, access to the backstage area to discover the set design, costumes and props.

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Project Team

The team leading the implementation is composed of members from both Theatres, so as to maintain a collaborative process throughout the implementation of the project. Aslico’s Opera Education has been implementing musical education for children through the scholar system for years and continues in its search for new and innovative tools to make the participatory project more inclusive and accessible. In the past few years Opera domani has implemented a participatory LIS choreography and positively tested a language adaptation for the foreign co-producers. Together with Opéra Grand Avignon, which has also an important tradition of artistic education and programming for schools, we want to take the educational aspect of the artistic project for children to a new scale, to bring a new asset for our main targets and enhance social and cultural inclusion through this participative artistic project, with the correct preparation. The team will undertake a mainly managerial and organisational role, accurately choosing and entrusting the specific skills and tasks to expert external collaborators, both known and potential, to ensure effectiveness of the artistic and educational implementation of the project and its growth over the years. The members of the team will be main contact persons and interlocutors for the teachers and parents partaking in the activities, and a communication and managing bridge between service providers, to coordinate and aim for best results. The team members from the two theatres will attend and supervise each activity and keep track of feedback with participants and between them comparing reception and outcome of the initiatives, ultimately acting as energy collectors for the project.

Alessandra Veronesi - Project Manager

Valeria Moroni - Inclusivity Officer

Lisa Navach - Project Manager


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