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Dance Health Center Project

AROP – Association pour le Rayonnement de l'Opéra national de Paris

Dance Health Center Project
The project aims to prepare and support high-level ballet dancers and share experiences and feedbacks with other choreographic and medical structures both nationally and internationally.


Dance requires physical (endurance, strength, flexibility) and artistic (interpretation, theatrics, drama, staging) qualities which makes the dancer both an artist and a high-level athlete. 

The dancers must cope with heavy physical training & practice (30 to 35 hours of dance per week). The combination between contemporary and classic ballet requires different muscular demands and is a risk factor for injury.

Classic ballet dancers are subject to significant physical strain throughout their careers.
The intense physical and psychological involvement of the classic ballet dancer requires the implementation of a range of medical care and specific preventive measures to best support them in the accomplishment of their art.

The Health Dance Project plans to:
• Structure, develop and maintain existing activities to optimize the athletic and mental potential of ballet dancers
• Focus on the ballet dancers as well as on the Paris Opera Ballet school students to provide long term monitoring and ensure that students are fully supported before entering the Paris Opera Ballet
• Provide visibility to these medical activities and thus provide recognition and credibility with both internal and external services
• Share experiences and feedback with other choreographic and medical structures both nationally and internationally

Project Team

Aurélie Dupont, the Paris Opera Dance director and former Paris Opera Ballet Principal, is very committed to developing this project. Xavière Barreau will be leading the implementation of the project. As a sport doctor working at the Paris Opera for several years, she has gathered datas and developed a specific expertise on dancers’ health and injuries. Her medical expertise is essential for this project.


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