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Ballet du Capitole


A World Premiere blended experience for the audience combining live performance with virtual reality streaming: the spectator will be able to break through the 4th wall and experience the performance as if they were actors on stage, immersed in a parade around the figure of Toulouse-Lautrec.


Through its new production Toulouse-Lautrec, Kader Belarbi, choreographer and director of the Ballet du Capitole, wishes to take possession of the painter's work by offering new possibilities of dialogue between painting and dance, between the arts, between the senses, between what is played, what is looked at and what is listened to: Toulouse-Lautrec will offer spectators the possibility to live a new experience combining virtual reality sequences at the heart of a live show. 

The subject that Toulouse-Lautrec represents lends itself particularly well to this new experience, which would undoubtedly have fascinated a painter who was a precursor and attentive to the technological revolutions of his time (lithography, screen printing, photography, advertising, cinema, speed and electricity...).

Virtual reality, by its immersive ambition, will allow to accompany this approach within the framework of a live show and this is why Kader Belarbi has chosen to entrust Luc Riolon, director of numerous documentaries and dance films, with the production of VR sequences of Toulouse-Lautrec. 

The VR sequences will be broadcast during the show: a signal will warn spectators equipped with VR headphones. These spectators will have the choice of continuing to watch the show or putting on VR headphones for the desired length of time.

Artistic Team

Kader Belarbi, former Etoile dancer of the Paris Opera, director of the Ballet du Capitole, choreographer of Toulouse-Lautrec presents in his own words the members of the artistic team :

Bruno Coulais, French composer
An immense film composer, Bruno has created musical scenes by adapting atmospheres, intimate dramas, puffs of yesteryear to percussive rhythms. Set in a dialogue between piano and accordion, his fine and melodious music is an invitation to Lautrec's journey.

  Luc Riolon, French film director
Luc Riolon is a globetrotter in both the scientific and artistic fields. An innovator in the 1980's for introducing video to the stage, this author and director enters into the immersive experience of Virtual Reality in order to take another look at live performance.

  Nicolas Olivier, Belgian lighting designer
Nicolas Olivier's light creations are more like architectural constructions with a constantly renewed interest in the meeting of bodies and dance. His mastery of light exploits shadows, colours and transparencies to support Lautrec's realism and imagination.

  Olivier Bériot, French costume designer
A creator for cinema, theatre and dance, Olivier Bériot has an overflowing imagination. As much a documentalist as a designer, he makes prototypes and the costumes are re-creations, variations of signs and shapes straight out of the world of Toulouse-Lautrec.

Sylvie Olivé, French set designer
Sylvie has made a name for herself in advertising and especially in the cinema. Suggestion and evocation define her signature. After meticulous models, the scenographic space becomes the painter's support, giving free rein to the colours danced in light and projected shadows.

Kader Belarbi

Kader Belarbi


Luc Riolon

Luc Riolon

Film director

Sylvie Olivé

Sylvie Olivé

Set Designer

Olivier Bério

Olivier Bériot

Costume Designer

Nicolas Olivier

Nicolas Olivier

Lighting Designer

Bruno Coulais

Bruno Coulais



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