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Prize for Ballet 2020


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Planet [wanderer]

Chaillot - Théâtre National de la Danse

Planet [wanderer]


Through the physical confrontation of the human body and different experimental materials, elements and gravity, Planet [wanderer] sets in motion the visceral and tragic love tale between humans and the planet they are bound to.

Choreographer Damien Jalet and Sculptor Kohei Nawa merge their practices in order to create works that become so symbiotic that they could be defined as moving sculpture or sculptural performance.

Jalet has travelled the world, infusing his dance with inspirations taken from rituals and mythology of the different places he creates in ; Nawa explores materials and techniques through his sculptures and installations that communicate an organic world view.

In all of their common works they attempt to shatter an anthropocentric perspective and immerse the audience in captivating oneiric, sensual and reflective experiences.

This new production pursues their common exploration at the exact intersection between dance and visual art, science and mythology. « Planet [wanderer] » explores human’s relationship with Gaia, the wounded primordial Earth goddess, and, in a dynamic of incarnation, it is a call to re-materialise our belonging to the world.

Japan is a strong inspiration and the place where most of the creation will happen, as this volcanic island has always been a place particularly hit by natural disaster, that seems to spread now all over the world. Its architecture, as well as its inhabitants, have adapted in order to bend and move along to the violence of the blows, whether flood, tsunami, volcanic eruption, earthquake. 

Artistic Team

Damien Jalet


Kohei Nawa

Set Designer

Co-producing Partners

Sadler's Wells Theatre

United Kingdom

Festspielhaus St. Pölten


Théâtre National de Bretagne


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre


Rohm Theater Kyoto


National Performing Arts Center - National Theater & Concert Hall



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