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12 / 08

Young opera on tour

Landestheater Detmold

Landestheater Detmold Project - Young Opera on Tour



Landestheater Detmold is a venue for three different genres: musical theatre, drama, and ballet, and is supplemented by the division “Junges Theater”, “Young Theatre” in English, (drama), which has its own stage and guest appearance operations. Each year, around 600 performances are put on in the stage, half of which in Detmold.

Audiences are extremely diverse, not least due to the most varied situations in venues without their own ensemble who receive guest performers.


Conversations with smaller carriers, who are simultaneously the core hosts for the Landestheater’s touring shows, revealed that the Landestheater does indeed offer an appealing programme for young viewers in the area of drama, but not in the area of musical theatre.

In spite of a positive reception from the public and the press, the visitor profile is outdated. Musical theatre, outside larger cities, seems to fade out of awareness.

“JUNGES Musiktheater unterwegs” (Young Musical Theatre on tour) is being founded as a division within the “JUNGES Theater” mentioned above. The goal of this is to build up an repertoire of about 10 available productions: small-format, transportable musical theatre. The range is made up of contemporary pieces, as well as adaptions of the musical theatre repertoire. “Young”, in this context, means not just “children’s and youth theatre”, but also “current”, “contemporary” and “relevant to us”.

Theatres can book individual performances or whole runs at a price which is economical for them. In addition, productions are designed so that they can be adapted for different stages. As in the drama division, this also gives rise to the ability to put on productions in nurseries, schools and social institutions.

Artistic Team

Jennifer Schnarr

Jennifer Schnarr

Education Specialist

Elisabeth Wirtz

Elisabeth Wirtz


Georg Heckel

Georg Heckel

Artistic Director


Hochschule für Musik Detmold



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