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opera 2.0

Les Clés de l'Ecoute

Tale me the opera in 2.0.


Opera 2.0. is a digital comic; it is animated and interactive. The story of opera as lyrical art will be broadcasted on the national opera houses’ social networks. The goal of opera 2.0 as an application is also to reach new audiences (young people, generation Z and all digital devices users…)

The interactive series opera 2.0 will expand over three seasons (Season I: 1582 - 1750, Season II: 1750-1860 and Season III: 1803 - 1960). These three seasons of the digital interactive comic opera 2.0 are immersive applications, with over an hour of great music.

Opera 2.0 comes in 2 different forms : interactive cards in augmented reality, providing access to the entire application, and beautiful animated wall friezes in augmented reality that will allow the viewer to enter the fabulous story of vocal art, in music. These paper mediums are exciting tools that will be supplied to schools and music classes, public libraries, and all types of cultural areas.
This large-scale wall frieze could also be installed in a public area or on the Opera House front facade.
Picture this, a large, interactive and animated frieze, outlining opera’s highlights throughout history !

The collection will be available on App Store et Google Play for smartphones et tablets.  

Artistic Team


Scientific & artististic multi-disciplinary collective (researchers / authors / performers)

in partnership with


Digital creation & publishing house (developers / graphic and sound designers)

Géraldine Aliberti, artistic director in Les clés de l'écoute, is the designer of the project opera 2.0. She is been working with operatic partners on several projects opening new ways of listening music by creating musical applications, using augmented reality for orchestras, operas and festivals.

Lola Salem is dramaturge and musicologist, specialized in the born of opera in Italy in the 17th century. She is attached to 'Centre de musique baroque de Versailles' and University of Oxford.

In Sonic Solveig, Valentine Gautier is in charge of the opera 2.0 UX. She constructs each partnership with different operas and helps them to enrich the project with their proper offer of workshops and entertainment to optimize the user experience. Daphné Wouters is in charge of public affairs and international development for opera 2.0.

Harmonia mundi back catalogue team is part of the scientific committee of opera 2.0. As music history specialists they bring the best recordings in this interactive project.

Ludovic Laurent-Testoris, member of Les clés de l'écoute is part of the executive team, in charge of administration.

Géraldine Aliberti

Géraldine Aliberti

Artistic Director

lola salem_medaillon

Lola Salem


Ludovic Laurent-Testoris

Ludovic Laurent-Testoris


daphne wouters-medaillon

Daphné Wouters

Sonic Solveig / Les clés de l'écoute


Valentine Gautier

Sonic Solveig


French Ministry of Culture


Harmonia Mundi


Opera de Dijon


Opera National de Lorraine


Opera de Bordeaux


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La Confédération Musicale de France



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