Prize for Ballet 2018

A Quiet Evening of Dance

United Kingdom
Sadler's Wells Theatre

A Quiet Evening of Dance - FEDORA 10 Years - Winner of the FEDORA - VAN CLEEF & ARPELS Prize for Ballet 2018

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A programme by William Forsythe, A Quiet Evening of Dance features a range of works from the sparse and analytic to baroque inspired counterpoint. This configuration of new and existing work creates an evening of dance designed to be listened to as much as watched. Featuring themes of space and time, Forsythe and his collaborators explore new shapes and modes of movement, featuring emerging artist Rauf “RubberLegz” Yasit and his take on contemporary and break dance. 

 Forsythe is keen to continue developing and reinventing the vocabulary of dance, and of performance and how the audience react to the space, the sounds and the environment the work takes place in. As Forsythe has said about his work, “I like to make uncertain what takes place on stage and to extend what I call the poetry of disappearance”.

Throughout his career, Forsythe has experimented with a freer approach to choreography in which the dancers are allowed to make choices about order and timing comparable to those made by musicians playing a cadenza. Forsythe continues to search for new shapes and modes of movement. He is looking back in order to re-invent himself.

Sadler’s Wells has been at the forefront of contemporary dance in London for the past 20 years. It has nurtured and developed emerging artists – choreographers, dancers, musicians, designers - and created a place where it is safe for these artists to work and experiment together and drive forward the language of dance. Working with William Forsythe there is a synergy and meeting of minds in his approach to creating dance, and how we choose to work. We are thrilled that he has chosen to create new works with us – and to introduce such an exciting emerging artist, Rauf Yasit, to our theatre and our audiences in London and Europe.

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"Witty, unpredictable, superlatively danced"

Financial Times

"There is no one on the planet who is advancing the concept of what the art of dance can be in the 21st century like Bill Forsythe,” said Joseph V. Melillo, executive producer of the Brooklyn Academy of Music. “He is a pioneering spirit, out in the wilderness trying to discover new territory. I’m in awe of his commitment to always finding a new path".

The New York Times

Video Presentation

Artistic Team

William Forsythe

William Forsythe


Tanja Rühl

Tanja Ruehl

Lighting designer

Dorothee Merg

Dorothee Merg

Costume designer

Rauf RubberLegz Yasit

Rauf Yasit


Brigel Gjoka

Brigel Gjoka


Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson


Christopher Roman

Christopher Roman


Riley Watts

Riley Watts



Parvaneh Scharafali


Ander Zabala

Ander Zabala Gomez


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