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Shortlist 2022

Art and technology are not opposite ends of the pendulum. In modern world they live in close contact with each other, reinforcing each other and paving the way towards sustainable future.


Even though the tools and techniques for digital design and engineering have been available for decades, their adoption has been low among the artistic teams for the performing arts. This is somewhat surprising because with them the set and key points of the direction could be illustrated with very high quality using photo-realistic virtual models.

The XR Stage project aims to functional digital twin of the physical opera stage. The purpose is to modernize the production process of the performances from the artistic design work and decision-making, to engineering and manufacturing, and all the way down to stage operations during rehearsal period.

Virtualization of the stage addresses several topics around the artistic quality, operational efficiency, and sustainability of the productions. Virtual model illustrates the set in its final form, and it can be processed further on-line without need for travel. It is reliable input for engineering and provides early access to the scenes for the lighting and projections design.

Technically the concept is built on the gamification, using common game development engine as a platform. FNOB XR Stage project is divided to sub-projects, which introduce new features to the virtual stage gradually. The most important are integration of the lighting control system and stage operations system, development of on-line multiuser workspace, and easy-to-use tools for importing and managing the elements on virtual stage. Entity will be digital representation of the stage, enabling emulating scenery of the production, including lighting, projections and set changes.

Virtual environment at individual opera house is a starting point for the evolution. In the big picture it is essential to build network of opera houses with similar capabilities to take full advantage of the digital technologies and gain the benefits. In practice this means that several companies are invited to adapt the technology and open new channel for co-operation.

Project Team

The FNOB XR Stage project team consists of three active team members and three persons assigned to support functions. The team is guided by the FNOB Production Director and Technical Director. The team is: - Mr. Hannu Järvensivu / Project Manager - Mr. Kalle Rasinkangas / Technical Expert - Mr. Petri Sarkkila / Technical Expert - Mr. Markku Hietala / Support - Set elements import - Mr. Mikko Parviainen / Support - Set elements import - Ms. Annastina Haapasaari / Support - Communications, coordination with Opera Beyond - Mr. Timo Tuovila / Project steering - Mr. Jere Pensikkala / Project steering


Zoan Oy


Insta Automation Oy


State Opera Stara Zagora


Aalto University


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