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Inclusive Culture Project
Inclusive Culture Project
The Inclusive Culture Project aims to promote an inclusive, respectful and safe language, behavior and leadership model within the organization and towards all the people who work in and around it.


Teatro alla Scala, under the suggestion of Sovrintendente Dominique Meyer, has decided to embrace a new educational program for the entirety of its personnel about a new style of leadership, more inclusive and respectful, and aiming to raise awareness on unconscious biases and behavioral patterns in order to avoid them in the future.


Thanks to an external society who has studied the theatre personnel composition and the current state in terms of inclusive culture, Teatro alla Scala was able to agree to a plan that includes a customized training program and the draft of new documents (Ethical Code, Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy, informative leaflets) that will be shared with the partners.

The long-term goal would be to organize a series of events on the theme with both an Italian and European dimension in order to broaden the edges of awareness on a topic as important as this one.

Project Team

A team entirely made up of young women, highly motivated and prepared, with different backgrounds and paths and employed in different sectors of the Theater, all with the determination to contribute to a profound renewal and the implementation of a new way of thinking and working, that guarantees full respect for all dignity and physical, psychological and professional integrity, as well as the opportunity to express one's talents.


Teatro Regio di Parma


Teatro Sociale di Como Aslico


Fondazione Teatro Massimo di Palermo



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