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YUM! (landscape)
YUM!  A Participatory XR Music Theater, infusing satire with an immersive dining experience.
 Blending satire and dark humor with social commentary, Yum! delves into themes such as climate change, class, identity, and self-obsession, all set in a blurred and ostentatious environment.


"Yum!" is a participatory XR music theater that merges dining with extended reality to pose a critical question: What will dinner look like in the future? This thought-provoking exploration intersects the impacts of climate change with our increasingly self-absorbed society, shedding light on the illusions we construct in our quest for happiness.

Blending satire and dark humor with social commentary, "Yum!" delves into themes such as climate change, class, identity, and self-obsession, all set in a blurred and ostentatious environment. It is also a research endeavor aimed at highlighting the implications of climate change on food production and the impending risks of hunger, prompting contemplation on how future food scarcity may impact our society.

Beyond its eco-sensitive and post-anthropocentric narrative, the project nurtures storytelling through eco-scenography and environmental studies, promoting climate-positive production and demonstrating how XR technology and ecology can go hand in hand.

"Yum!" seeks to redefine opera and music theater production by leaning towards performance art. This innovative approach aims to create a more immersive experience, allowing the audience to actively engage with the performance. This includes breaking the traditional "fourth wall" barrier between performers and spectators, enabling the audience to become storytellers within the narrative.

Central to "Yum!"s narrative is an exploration of the environmental impacts of climate change, emphasizing the urgency of collective action and environmental stewardship. It highlights the consequences of unsustainable food production practices and the looming risks of food scarcity, encouraging audiences to reflect critically on these issues. The use of XR technology intensifies this engagement by juxtaposing actual and fabricated realities, challenging the audience's perceptions and urging them to question the constructed illusions that influence their understanding of the world.

Artistic Team

Studio M.A.R.S. exemplifies exceptional artistic quality and technological expertise through our multidisciplinary collective of international professionals. Our team includes experts in music composition, opera and theater dramaturgy, stage design, interaction design, immersive mapping, AR/VR/MR design, and AI. Our mission centers on innovating multimedia storytelling, immersive music theater, and new performance forms, creating boundary-crossing experiences that deeply engage audiences. A multicultural collective led by women, we are dedicated to minimizing the impact of patriarchal structures within our work. Recognizing the pervasive issues of dependency and power imbalances in our industry, we have intentionally designed our structures to foster a safer space for all participants and cultivate a diverse, discrimination-free environment. We leverage our collective skills, expertise, and networks to amplify each other's voices and advance our common goals. Our Yum! artistic team is carefully selected not only for their exceptional quality in every aspect of production but, more importantly, for their commitment to Studio M.A.R.S.'s policies and values. Our Yum! artistic team includes: Wen Liu (China/Austria) - Artistic Director and Composer April Koyejo-Audiger (Nigeria/UK) - Librettist, Stage Designer, and Singer Alexander Hackl (Austria) - Technical Director and XR/Interaction Design Lead Lea Luka Tiziana Sikau (Germany) - Dramaturge and Stage Advisor Fairness is also a core principle of the Yum! project. From its inception, the project has been guided by a commitment to equitable representation and opportunity. By prioritizing diversity in its casting and production processes, Yum! ensures that underrepresented voices are given a platform to shine. Additionally, the project maintains transparent and inclusive practices, fostering an environment where everyone involved feels valued and respected.


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