Dance Prize 2025

Ravel / Into us - Bruciare

Orsolina28 Art Foundation

Ravel (landscape)
“Ravel / Into us - Bruciare” brings to the stage a story of renewal, of a flame that burns the old to make space for the new, of the obsessive need to continuously explore and evolve, but also of the danger of being consumed by that fire as individuals, as a society, as living beings on our planet.


“Ravel / Into us - Bruciare” is an intimate work, inspired by Bolognino’s lived experiences, and a synthesis of his artistic and human research. The title refers to the flame inside each of us, a flame of redemption and change, that yearns to burn the old to make space for the new, without forgetting it. It is also a reminder of the risks of being carried away by this fire, this urge of continuous evolution, which is resulting in the burning of our planet. Finally, it is an homage to Bolognino’s muse, his life and professional partner Di Maro, who is the other end of the relationship the choreographer explores with “Into Us”.

“Into us - Bruciare” is a series of four choreographies dedicated to as many composers, each one, for different reasons, close to the thoughts, ideas and emotions sought by Bolognino in his work. The first part, currently in production, is dedicated to Fryderyk Chopin, while the third and fourth part of the project, yet to be developed, will be dedicated to Franz Schubert and Max Richter.

The second part, and the object of this application, focuses on Maurice Ravel and his Bolero. Bolognino felt that Ravel’s rigor was the right match to his choreographic language, on an aesthetic and on an emotional level.The dancer was also immediately attracted by the opportunity to continue experimenting with rhythm and its role in his choreographic research and by Ravel’s strong inspiration in traditional Spanish dances. This latter element will help Bolognino draw a connection with his own homeland, of Naples, Italy. Together with Neapolitan composer Villarosa, they will decompose, transform the Bolero and then return to the original version with new elements and a new awareness. 

Finally, as Ravel studied the expressive possibilities of the individual instruments, Bolognino aims to come into closer contact with the individual performers, to research all their peculiarities and strengths, enhancing their abilities in group and as individual artists.

Artistic Team

The lead artist for the project is Italian choreographer Adriano Bolognino, who will fully develop and create “Ravel / Into us - Bruciare”. He will work closely with his partner Rosaria di Maro, an Italian dancer who has inspired and assisted him throughout his career. Giuseppe Villarosa is another Italian artist, with a strong dance background and now working as a music composer. His affinity with Bolognino’s research into the role of rhythm in dance and their shared cultural background (both come from Naples) made him the evident choice for the project. Costume designer Alessandro Vigilante, who comes from Italy, has a style that is linear and simple, while leaving space for an extravagant touch, that immediately attracted us. Gianni Staropoli is an Italian light designer with a career spanning over 30 years. We have decided to work with him because of his extensive experience working with the performing arts and, more specifically, dance and his belief that light is an essential element of any artistic performance. Seven additional dancers will participate in the project: while they have not yet been selected, they will all share a strong personality that can inform and guide the choreography, which they will all make their own. As for their nationality, we will be open to dancers from all Europe. On Orsolina28 Art Foundation’s side, Simony Monteiro, Artistic Director (who comes from the USA and lives in France), and Kaveh Daneshmand, Director of Production (originally from Iran), will assist, mentor and provide support as needed to the artistic team.

Co-producing Partners

Belgrade Dance Festival


Festival Prospettiva Danza Teatro


Teatro Comunale Città di Vicenza


Danza in Rete Festival



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