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Into the Hairy

Nederlands Dans Theater

Into the Hairy (landscape) (1)
Into the Hairy is a NDT production in collaboration with LEV Dance Company, choreographed by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar, merging classical dance with underground culture, delving into themes of vulnerability & strength in a transformative exploration of the human experience, premiering May 2025.


NDT and L-E-V Dance Company (LEV) come together to create a newly commissioned and yet unstaged version of Into the Hairy (ITH), originally created for 7 dancers of LEV (2023). ITH merges classical dance with underground club culture, to create a unique exploration of vulnerability and strength, delving into a dystopian realm where movement serves as the primary language. 

ITH is produced by NDT in collaboration with LEV, and choreographed by Sharon Eyal and Gai Behar. It brings both companies together on stage with ca. 25 dancers, to delve deeper into the distinctive universe of the original work. Set to an original score by artist and composer Koreless, It’s a powerful, idiosyncratic work about the strength in vulnerability & promises an evocative and unsettling journey. Through hypnotic, rhythmic movement, the dancers captivate audiences with their otherworldly presence/costumes, virtuosic form, that leave the audience entranced.

ITH is a full company piece, with duration of ca.50 min., premiering on 15th May 2025. Sharon, in her signature style, crafts a narrative that lingers in the subconscious, blending improvised moves with highly sensory forms. As the dancers merge their energies and experiences, the performance becomes a transformative exchange for all involved, shaping the future of dance.

Sharon was invited by NDT’s Emily Molnar to work with NDT 1 for this new piece to build on the original piece and allow it to grow into an optimal scale as originally intended. This material is first taught to NDT dancers. Then during the second part of the creation process NDT and LEV dancers join forces together with Sharon. As always Sharon works closely with the dancers, in de revisitation of this impressive work. 

Ultimately, ITH is more than just a performance; it’s a testament to the transformative power of art. By daring to explore the hairy edges of humanity, we invite audiences to embrace differences, celebrate individuality, & journey boldly into the unknown.

Artistic Team

The project team will be composed of NDT staff members - all info available on NDT website. And members of team of L-E-V Dance Company.

Co-producing Partners

L-E-V Dance Company


MART Foundation

United States




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