Dance Prize 2025

Dance People

Maqamat & Omar Rajeh

Dance People (extended)
DANCE PEOPLE is a choreographic creation that weaves its composition out of the intimate stories of its audience and the creative diversity of its artists. A question of the purpose of space and how its distribution defines the nature of our relationships and our concepts of equality and hierarchy.


Omar Rajeh and Mia Habis, invite several artists, coming from different cultural and artistic backgrounds, to join them in a collective creative process. The aim is to create an interactive performance evening that open the possibilities of sharing the space with an audience.

It is a meeting of Worlds at the heart of a multidisciplinary artistic force. An approach that brings choreographers, composers, architects, writers, activists, and other professionals to create together, while at the same time involving the audience as active participants, in addition to inviting local artists to join the performance, in each city where it is presented.

Space, is the central artistic concept of this creation. The distribution of space defines the nature of relationships and it equally defines its purpose. The performance reflects on its own gathering in order to comment on what it conveys or proposes as a value.

What is the space of a democracy? a dictatorship? The space of culture? identity? Sharing space, opening the space, protecting the space, and occupying space, is what this performance explores with the artists and citizens. How to belong to the space of the other and how to allow the other to belong to your space? Space as a medium of presence is also a constructed medium that reflects our inner concepts and understandings of equality, participation, hierarchy and supremacy.

DANCE PEOPLE is a festive, joyful artistic event but it is also a critical approach to the structures of power and supremacy. It weaves its composition out of the intimate stories of its audience and the creative diversity of its artists.

Artistic Team

Omar Rajeh, Choreographer/Dancer, Beirut, Lyon; Mia Habis, Choreographer/Dancer, Beirut, Lyon; Peggy Olislaegers, Activist, researcher, dramaturge, Utrecht; Fabian Tohme, Choreographer/Dancer, Biaritz, Madrid; TAMANOIR Immersive Studio, Interactive technologies, Paris; L.E.F.T. Architects, Architecture, Beirut, New York; Ziad Ahmadie, Music Composer, Beirut; Mathias Delplanque, Music Composer, Nantes, Burkina Faso; Shereen Abdo, Singer, Cairo; Justine Volo, Dancer, Lyon; Nunzio Perricone, Dancer, Milan; Charlie prince, Dancer, Montreal, Beirut; Jihun Choi Dancer, Munich, Seoul; Elise Bruyère, Dancer, Brussels; Amina Onsy, project coordinator.

Co-producing Partners

Spoleto Festival Dei Due Mondi


Edinburgh International Festival

United Kingdom

Euro-scene Leipzig


International Dance Festival München


Kunstfest Weimar



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