The choreographer Tess Blanchard tells us what she thinks about the project “Touche le Ciel”

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26 April 2019

PARIS / France

Touche le ciel - Dance & New Technologies

Jury & Public Nominee

This year, 3 young choreographers are facilitating the dance sessions at the “Ecole des Amandiers” primary school in the east of Paris. Tess Blanchard teaches dance workshops, for children between 6 and 8 years old. In the following interview, she agreed to share her experience.

La Fabrique de la Danse is training the young choreographers of the project for the unique “Touche le Ciel” innovative pedagogy. It is an opportunity for them to gain a significant professional experience in the art education field.

The financing will enable La Fabrique de la Danse to carry on and improve the project, and also to train new choreographers who can then duplicate the project in other schools, in other areas.

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