Memory of a cultural outing with La Fabrique de la Danse in Chaillot National Theater in Paris

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13 May 2019

Paris / France

Touche le ciel - Dance & New Technologies

Jury & Public Nominee, FEDORA Prizes

Last october three primary school classes discovered a dance show by Ohad Naharin for youngsters, titled “Décalé”. It was interpreted by the Young Ensemble of the Batsheva Dance Company in the Chaillot National Theater.

The show, composed by different choreographic works of the Israeli choreographer, surprised the children as well as the adults several times. On our arrival, we were welcomed by a company member already dancing on stage, a connexion settled directly. The lights turned off gradually and the other dancers came on stage. The show was a real parade of powerful, diversified and without children filters art pieces. Until the moment when dancers got in the spectators’ sacred space in order to bring some of them with them to their own sacred space : the stage. The pupils saw a new show appearing in front of them, where the dance team was composed of the professionals of the Batsheva Company as well as one of their teachers and the project coordinator. The teacher was the star of the afternoon, being the only spectator on stage to stay alone with the professional dancers until the end of the act.

But surprises continued to happen ! Delight reached the top when our children discovered a choreographic work studied in class before, Echad Mi Yodea. Suddenly a familiar staging ; chairs, suits, hats, a circular arc, dancers standing and motionless. Then, as one, the dancers jumped, arched themselves, went on the ground, climbed up on chairs, screamed, sang, discarded their clothes, and … “why did the last one fell down?” So many preoccupations and comments heard on the way back.

This year La Fabrique de la Danse proposed at least one cultural outing to each ‘Touche le Ciel’ beneficiaries, and two cultural outings to every children of the Amandiers primary school. In total, it is not less than 23 different outings that were organised and accompanied by parents , in various cultural spaces such as the Opéra National de Paris, the Philharmonie de Paris, the Atelier des Lumières, the Tarmac, the Etoile du Nord, the National Choreographic Center of Créteil, the Centquatre-Paris ...

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