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With YOUR_Street.Scene, Theater Magdeburg is developing an innovative, inclusive musical theatre, educational and location-specific youth project for young people from 14 to 18 years old, from different ethnic backgrounds. They develop artistic, musical highlight scenes using the outline of Kurt Weill’s opera “Street Scene”, as Theater Magdeburg is planning a new staging of this work as a collaboration with Opera North in Leeds, Great Britain, for the 2020/2021 season. By presenting their own in-house “Street Scenes” in summer 2020, on the northern section of the Breiter Weg street in Magdeburg, which has some structural similarities with the southern Lower East Side in New York, they are not only expanding their own vision of different living options and realities, but also those of their local, and partly digital, audience. At the same time, they are breathing new artistic life into this area. Active engagement with Kurt Weill’s work also helps them learn about an important part of German and English contemporary and musical history, and also helps then get to know and appreciate each other’s different biographical and social backgrounds. The aim of the project, in the sense of audience development, is to bring a new, young audience to musical theatre.

Artistic Team

Musical theatre education is led by German Education Director Matthias Brandt. Veronika Riedel is junior drama teacher at Theater Magdeburg. Both develop theatre education programmes with schools and voluntary organisations.

Matthias Brandt

Matthias Brandt

Education Director

Veronika Riedel

Veronika Riedel

Drama Teacher


Opera North

United Kingdom

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