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Rame Lahaj International Opera Festival

Mirsad Idrizaj Nr. 123 Lubozhde, Istog,
31000 Istog, Kosovo

Rame Lahaj
"We are thrilled to join forces with FEDORA, a visionary platform dedicated to advancing the future of opera and ballet in Europe. This collaboration marks a turning point for RLIOF as we pioneer the integration of our vibrant music festival from the Balkans into the wider artistic landscape. Together, we will strengthen our commitment to artistic excellence and create transformative experiences for audiences, embracing innovation and inclusivity. Let the harmonies of RLIOF and FEDORA resonate as we compose a new era for opera in our region and beyond!", Rame Lahaj,  President

The “Rame Lahaj International Opera Festival” is a 10-day event that aims to enrich the cultural life of Kosovo and promote the country on the international stage. The festival is named after the renowned Kosovar tenor Rame Lahaj. Through his experience and artistic prestige in the international opera community, Lahaj has brought together a diverse group of well-known opera singers to perform at the festival. By bringing together artists from different backgrounds and providing opportunities for young artists to develop artistically through masterclasses, the Rame Lahaj International Opera Festival fosters growth and innovation in the world of opera, with the ultimate goal of promoting Kosovo and its cultural heritage on the global stage.  


The third edition of the RLIOF festival seeks to expand on the idea of using opera as a medium to promote and advocate for freedom, human rights, and social justice. The festival aims to bring together artists, musicians, and activists worldwide to celebrate the power of opera and its ability to inspire positive change. The theme of this year's festival is "Opera for Freedom: Voices of the People." The focus will be on promoting the voices of those who are often marginalized or silenced and using opera as a tool for empowerment and amplification. RLIOF festival will showcase works that address issues such as arising and existing conflicts, gender inequality, refugee rights, and environmental justice.  

In summary, donors supporting the Rame Lahaj International Opera Festival have the chance to make a meaningful impact on Kosovo's cultural enrichment, empowerment, and education. By enabling the introduction of classical music to a previously underserved audience, donors help foster a deeper appreciation of European language, history, and culture. Together, we can cultivate a vibrant and diverse cultural landscape in Kosovo and contribute to its integration into the wider European community.


One of the primary objectives of the RLIOF festival is to identify and support emerging talent in the world of opera. In order to accomplish this, the festival offers Masterclasses, which provide intensive training and coaching for aspiring musicians. These Masterclasses, which take place over the course of ten days, are led by experienced vocal coaches and are designed to support the development of young artists, students, and professionals. 

Participants in the Masterclasses have the opportunity to work closely with the coaches and receive personalized instruction and guidance. The classes cover a range of topics, including vocal technique, performance skills, and repertoire selection. In addition to providing hands-on training, the Masterclasses also offer networking opportunities and the chance to collaborate with other aspiring musicians.   


Interested in a collaboration with this organisation ? Please contact:

Thibault Gueho

Members and Development Coordinator at FEDORA

+33 (0)7 68 51 51 68


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