Roeselare • Belgium

Not Standing / Alexander Vantournhout

Beversesteenweg 78,
8800 Roeselare, Belgium

Alexander Vantournhout

Alexander Vantournhout "Artistic Director"

Not Standing was founded by choreographer Alexander Vantournhout. Born in Belgium in 1989, Vantournhout studied circus arts at ESAC and contemporary dance at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. His physical language reflects the diverse influences of his education and working experiences. Two constants define his work: the exploration of creative and kinetic potential within physical limitations and the relationship or boundary between performer and object. Calling Alexander Vantournhout's work unique is an understatement. Few artists manage to blur the boundaries between genres and disciplines as fundamentally as he does, paving the way for a new movement language. Since 2014, Not Standing has produced 12 shows, all choreographed (or "circographed") by Vantournhout, ranging from solos and duets to site-specific works and group pieces. These shows have received critical acclaim both in Belgium and internationally, with Not Standing touring extensively across Europe and beyond.  


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