Wien • Austria

Living Opera and the Living Opera Foundation

Lerchenfelder Strasse 46/8,
1080 Wien, Austria

Soula Parassidis

Starting Living Opera in 2020 was an opportunity to rethink how people enjoy and experience opera, particularly through technology. Applying for the FEDORA Digital Prize was a natural step. This collaboration aligns with our mission to innovate artistically, engage new audiences, and foster interdisciplinary dialogue.  

Soula Parassidis, CEO

Living Opera and the Living Opera Foundation stand at the intersection of classical music and emerging technology. Founded by Greek-Canadian soprano Soula Parassidis and American tenor Norman Reinhardt, Living Opera began as an educational platform in 2020. Over four years, it has evolved into three distinct areas: a media company producing original content such as music projects, podcasts, and multimedia to invigorate the opera sector; collaborations with technologists to innovate within the genre; and a foundation offering educational experiences through online classes and in-person masterclasses. Our mission is to transform and grow the opera sector by fostering a vibrant, inclusive culture that embraces both tradition and innovation. We aim to inspire, educate, and connect a global community of opera enthusiasts, creating opportunities for artists and audiences to experience the transformative power of opera in new and dynamic ways. Join us in shaping the future of opera.  


Living Opera is broadening its digital offerings this season. We produced our first full-length album, "All is Bright," with the Filarmonica Benevento for release for the 2024 holiday season. Our video podcast, "Behind the Curtain," in collaboration with the Bristol Hotel Vienna, is ongoing. We're assembling a coalition for "Echoes of Empires," combining AR/VR, live performance, and educational opportunities for our global community.


Living Opera is a female-led, tech-based independent company serving a global community through educational support. We broaden audiences with highly accessible content like our album "All is Bright" and "Behind the Curtain" podcast. Our vast network of interdisciplinary partners enhances opera's fabric. Donations help us reach underserved communities and foster a vibrant, inclusive arts culture.

ABOUT "Echoes of Empires"

Echoes of Empires is an blends classical music with today's digital culture. Inspired by the "My Roman Empire" TikTok trend the performance invites audiences to experience the rise, reign, and decline of the empires that shaped our world through art songs, lieder, and arias. The program connects with modern audiences through interactive digital features, including an augmented reality album cover, an interactive Instagram filter, and a sound map that enhances the musical experience based on proximity to historical sites.  


Interested in a collaboration with this organisation ? Please contact:

Thibault Gueho

Members and Development Coordinator at FEDORA

+33 (0)7 68 51 51 68  

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