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Learning and Participation – Cross-cultural Choir

Since 2016, the GNO has been hosting the first intercultural choir for permanent and temporary residents: refugees, migrants and locals above 18 years old. Its cross-cultural focus allows members to exchange traditional musical repertoires on equal terms. With 35 members of 12 different countries the choir aims to be a platform for creativity, expression and social integration and collaboration among its members.

The project is supported by UNHRC.

Learning and Participation – Concerts in Hospitals and Hospices of Attica

A series of chamber music concerts as well as singing recitals have been taking place at healthcare and accommodation facilities with the artists of the (Choir, Soloists, Children’s Choir, Pianists) since October 2016. They are aimed at children and adult patients with the vision to foster communication within the given context and to evaluate the impact of music–as aids to treatment– in improving patients’ clinic results.

Learning and Participation - Creative workshops in prisons

Eleonas Women’s Prison, Thiva

Fostering creativity, the GNO will continue the project Dance at the Eleonas Women’s Prison, for the second year with the participation of approx. 20 women.
Cultivating creativity, the creative process of prisoners devising and performing original choreography, and using dance and spoken poetry as a means of communication to express and share emotions and thoughts are the workshop's key tools.

Learning and Participation - Creative workshops in prisons

Korydalos’ Male Prison, Athens

Fostering creativity, the GNO will continue the project Music at Korydalos’ Male Prison, Athens, for the second year with the participation of approx. 20 men.
Cultivating creative ownership and development of music skills, the creative process is based around composing and performing original music, through improvisation, spoken poetry and performance as a means of artistic expression and communication.

Innovation & Creativity

Learning and Participation – Shadow Opera

The Return of Karagiozis to his homeland

Karagiozis meets Harlequin: An operatic shadow-theatre piece based on Claudio Monteverdi’s opera Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria. GNO is presenting this performance for a second year to highlight the similarities between the Greek shadow theatre and Italian marionette theatre. The music adaptation is an amalgamation of the music of Monteverdi’s music and traditional music from the Mediterranean countries.

Emerging Artists

Music Theatre Lab

Technology & music theatre workshops

The Alternative Stage of the GNO organizes a practice-based research workshop that examines the relationship between music theatre and the technology of sound and image. The Alternative Stage of the GNO invites 30 artists of minimum 18 years old from the visual and sonic arts. The Music Theatre Lab explores the sonic, spatial and visual potential of performance spaces through the application of Digital Arts, Interactive Media and Programming.

Music Theatre Lab

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