Berlin • Germany

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Freunde und Förderer der Staatsoper Unter den Linden .V.

Unter den Linden 7,
10117 Berlin, Germany

Christian A. Rast

"The Staatsoper Unter den Linden provides the highest artistic quality and a spirit of modernity. This brings together opera and music lovers from all over the world. The FEDORA Platform is a perfect symbol of how music touches people not regarding any borders and how important it is to preserve and support this art form for future generations. " Christian A. Rast Chairman of the Board

Ever since its opening in 1742, the Staatsoper Unter den Linden has represented the best of musical theatre. The Staatskapelle Berlin and the Staatsoper’s singers present world-class opera and spectacular concerts. For more than 30 years the Friends and Patrons of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden have been providing moral and financial support to the Staatsoper. 

The roughly 1,600 members of the sponsors' and supporters' association are an avid public and an active community making the motto "Art needs Friends" come to life. Their contributions and donations benefit the Education Program of the Staatsoper, new opera and concert performances and the outstanding Staatskapelle Berlin. 


Being or becoming speechless – both are ambivalent states. Not being able to grasp or explain something in words, as can happen in moments of horror or marvel, is something we have all experienced, with very different thoughts and feelings. 

And like so many phenomena, speechlessness has several aspects that need to be considered jointly to be truly understood. This season provides an opportunity to explore several of these perspectives.  

Your contributions and donations benefit the Junge Staatsoper (Education Program), new opera and concert performances and the Staatskapelle Berlin. As a sign of gratitude the friends can benefit from an exclusive ticket service and have a particularly close link to Staatsoper and its artists.

The Berlin Children's Opera House (COH) is at the heart of the Staatsoper's educational work. The COH gives primary school children a wide range of opportunities to create and perform musical theater works from their own perspective in cooperation with many committed partners throughout Berlin, including elementary schools, music schools, the Caritas, among others. In several districts of Berlin regional COHs stage annual music theatre productions, school clubs have been initiated in a total of 13 locations, while the threads come together in an ambitious production by children and opera professionals is realized every year at the Staatsoper. 

Interested in a collaboration with this organisation ? Please contact:

Thibault Gueho

Members and Development Coordinator at FEDORA

+33 (0)7 68 51 51 68

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