Premiere of the FEDORA Opera Prize's Winner 2021

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21 January 2022

Lille / France

FEDORA Prizes, Winners


Opéra de Lille - 21.01.22

Winner of the FEDORA Opera Prize 2021

On 21 January the winner of the FEDORA Opera Prize 2021, Like flesh, reached the stage. This new poetic and inspiring creation, which was led by Opéra de Lille, is the first opera of Composer Sivan Eldar and Librettist Cordelia Lynn with Stage Director and Set Designer Silvia Costa, and Conductor Maxime Pascal.

Trapped in an unhappy marriage, a woman mourns the devastation of the forest around her. An unexpected affair instigates an explosive metamorphosis, and she finds perfect release as a tree. But the world is a dangerous place for trees, and deep in the forest a forester and a student lay claim to a body of wood and leaf, one for money and one for love.  Learn more about the project here.

Awarding the FEDORA Opera Prize Trophy

On the night of the premiere, Edilia Gänz, FEDORA's Director, bestowed the FEDORA Opera Prize's trophy to Sivan Eldar, Composer, Cordelia Lynn, Librettist, Silvia Costa, Stage Director and Set Designer, Maxime Pascal, Conductor, and to Caroline Sonrier, Director of Opéra de Lille, on behalf of FEDORA's President, Jérôme-François Zieseniss, of the Prize's Sponsor, Generali, and of the jury chaired by Nicholas Payne, Director of Opera Europa.

On this occasion, Barbara Gessler Head of Unit Creative Europe - European Commission & Director General - Education and Culture, congratulated the winners for the quality of their work and expressed how Creative Europe is happy to encourage, through the FEDORA Platform, projects that champion creativity.

From left to right: Caroline Sonrier, Sivan Eldar, Cordelia Lynn, Silvia Costa, Maxime Pascal, Edilia Gänz, Barbara Gessler

In the press

« L'énigme d'un conte contemporain, pour rappeler à ceux qui ne sont plus des enfants qu'il serait temps
d'aimer une nature qu'il s'agit de protéger toute affaire cessante si l'on veut garder espoir en l'avenir. »
Les Inrockuptibles

« Chanter l’histoire de la nature, de sa genèse à l’espoir de sa renaissance après sa destruction. »

« Une trame sonore somptueuse entretenue à l'infini par les instruments et l'électronique. »

« Rarement dans une création, on a ressenti une telle osmose entre texte et musique […]
Même éblouissement du point de vue visuel »
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