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Emanuel Gat Dance

A choreographic work by Emanuel Gat A personal response to Wesendonck Lieder and ‘Art and Revolution’ by Richard Wagner


The inspiration behind Gat’s Träume unfolds into 3 dimensions:

1/ Wagner’s musical masterpiece and political essays:

Träume is a choreographic piece engaging with the different facets of Wagner’s work. Excerpts of his essay “Art and Revolution”, will be juxtapositioned with Mathilde Wesendonck’s poems, to create a textual live masculine/feminine dialogue score, followed by a second part unfolding to the sounds of the five songs.

Provocative, somewhat extreme in tone and utopian by nature, “Art and Revolution” gives an insight into the artist’s state of mind at the period just before creating some of his most accomplished work. It stands in stark contrast with the female voice of the Wesendonck Lieder, with their melancholic yearning and distinct sense of intimacy.

2/ Nikolaus Bachler and the choice of Felsenreitschule

Gat imagined this creation as he was inspired by Bachler’s audacity to present contemporary dance for the first time ever at Salzburg Easter Festival, and to choose the majestic Felsenreitschule as venue. Alongside the textual and musical content, Felsenreitschule serves as a major inspiration for an almost site-specific work, influencing the motions and distribution of choreographic flux. The unique atmosphere and dense historical context of the venue, will find its way into the piece, drawing ever expanding choreographic lines and structures.

3/ Dancers

Each specific choreographic piece, is to be found within the group of dancers in front of you, Gat says. Thanks to the long-term collaboration he has built with his dancers, Emanuel Gat has deployed an artistic exploration of human interactions and human experience. It is the realm of this human experience which is at the core of the approach: what “is” here and now, what dancers do, and how this transforms into choreography.

Artistic Team

The artistic team is the one of Emanuel Gat Dance company. Emanuel Gat signs the concept, the choreography. The piece is for the 14 dancers of the company, who have been long-time and faithful collaborators of the choreographer. Nurturing a long-term relationship with dancers is essential for Gat, as the best way to deepen research, explore new possibilities, sharing more complex and ambitious artistic adventures. The costumes are created by Thomas Bradley, who is both a talented dancer and designer. Lights are created by Emanuel Gat with his faithful technical collaborator, Guillaume Février. Sound is designed by Frédéric Duru.

Co-producing Partners

Osterfestspiele Salzburg GmbH


Arsenal - Cité musicale de Metz


Théâtre Le Forum


La Belle Télé



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