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The Judith Project
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The Judith Project
The Judith Project by Leonora Gaitanou, introduces for the first time the Healing Process & Ceremony in the field of opera.


The Judith Project, uses a new version of the Bluebeard's Castle by B. Bartók as a vehicle to travel into the depths of the human soul and approach the aspect of Healing & Ceremony. It is an Open Call to Therapy. Leonora Gaitanou who has conceived, directed and performs on stage as well, is surrounded by a team of very gifted collaborators such as composer Aristides Strongylis, conductor Zoe Zeniodi, set designer Nefeli Myrtidi, choreographer Lia Tsolaki, lighting designer Eleftheria Deko, fashion designer Daphne Valente & video art by Piedra Muda Lab. The stage is treated like a temple in which the healing & liberation of the female nature is sought. Judith, becomes the savior of the feminine principle by redeeming her 7 female ancestors (according to genetics, our DNA carries material from up to 7 past generations), who carry the 7 deadliest emotions (the main source of disease in humans- Hippocrates). She breaks the bonds of her existence, heals and redeems her ancestors, her feminine nature. Bluebeard becomes an invisible male speaking voice as the voice of the Universe.

The performance acquires also a teleological dimension with elements of the “Revelation”; since these deadly emotions are perhaps, on a larger scale, the source of all of the disasters that humans inflict on humanity and on the planet. The question remains: when this yin-yang, the feminine-masculine element, be reversed; when these two will be in balance, Will harmony and redemption come to humanity and thus to our planet? The Judith Project creates a journey through time that is stimulated by the primordial nature of ancient Greek theatre, on which opera as a genre was based and which was part of a healing process. The performance introduces this element for the first time in this genre. Through Heleos and Fovos, the soul is led to Catharsis. The Judith Project builds a visceral, intense and moving experience for its audience, in which the performing arts are united in one performer on stage.

Artistic Team

Leonora Gaitanou (greek based in Zürich) is the creator of "The Judith Project"; she takes over the conception, dramaturgy, stage directing & solo performing. She is surrounded by a team of highly gifted emerging & accomplished artists: Zoe Zeniodi (greek based in Athens) conductor, Aristides Strongylis (greek living in Leipzig) composer, Nefeli Myrtidi (greek living in Berlin) set designer, Lia Tsolaki (greek living in Athens) choreographer, Piedra Muda Lab (team consisting of Spanish Marc Molinos & Italian Alberto De Gobbi, based in Barcelona), Eleftheria Deko (greek living in Athens) lighting designer, Daphne Valente (greek living in Athens) costume designer. The Voice of the main Male Actor will be announced soon. All the artistic team is specially chosen for this project, as they are all concerned in the aspect of Healing and exploring it in their art; that is the common start point of the whole artistic team, in order to present an experience to the audience, through the healing aspect and ceremony. The Healing process is being researched not only for the performance on stage by Leonora Gaitanou through Katharsis, through the Voice and the ceremonial practices, but also the Healing through Sound aspect by A. Strongylis, the healing through the Light by E. Deko, the healing through the Video Art by Piedra Muda Lab. All the arts are united to create a spherical ''Commune'' and share a unique experience to the audience. Since the project focuses on female Liberation and the balance between female & male elements in our planet, in order for peace & harmony to arrive; all the females of our creative team are specially chosen, expressing as personalities and in their work the elements of the empowered feminine; dynamic yet sensitive, multitasking, intuitive, confident, honest, authentic, loving, vulnerable, supportive, receptive and in balance with the empowered masculine energy of our team. The orchestra consists of 27 female musicians & 7 female voices choir.

Co-producing Partners

Athens Conservatoire


Têt à têt

United Kingdom

Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn


Stara Zagora State Opera





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