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OnBach (working title)

Stiftelsen Dansens Hus


In early 2022 Dansens Hus-Stockholm intend to support, co-produce and present OnBach (working title) by Choreographer Tilman O’Donnell (SWE/USA/DE).


Tilman O´Donnell is a choreographer uniquely positioned to articulate both classical forms in dance and music, while situated soundly in the contemporary paradigm. Due to this distinct and specific artistic quality, Tilman O´Donnell's choreography is of great interest to Dansens hus.

"In this dance I will return to, emphasize and expand on form and structure. Following the contours of Bach’s violin partitas, this work for five performers will have as its structural and methodological cornerstones: pulse, repetition, deviation, suspension, counterpoint, and to the extent possible, fugue states.
My interest in this work is to zero in on the raw craft of dancing via the exactitude and multiplicity that an attendant choreographic structure supports. Furthermore, I am curious about the particular psychodynamic timbre of a skilled artisan at the limit of their capacity to adhere to this structure.

What is the particular way that attention and emotion correlate to
produce a hybrid affect, equal parts skill and abandon?

Here, inspired by the unerring and inexorable insistence present in Bach’s partitas, OnBach (working title) will weave a precarious balance between what is aesthetically inscribed and what cannot be done, what must be left by the wayside, what remains ungraspable.

- Tilman O´Donnell, Choreographer  

Artistic Team

Tilman O´Donnell

Tilman O´Donnell


Thomas Zamolo

Thomas Zamolo

Lighting Designer

Jenny Nordberg

Jenny Nordberg

Costume Designer

Johannes Helberger

Johannes Helberger



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