Prize for Ballet 2018


12 / 06

 The Night Show

United States
Menno Plukker Theatre Agency, Inc.

The Night Show


We want to create a different kind of evening which will be an alternative for the traditional contemporary dance performances, in particular, and an alternative for any other kind of a hang-out in general.
The Night-Show will be a meeting point between various art forms, in particular - contemporary dance and music performances recreated into a cutting-edge club oriented evening.
This is an opportunity to open up for a whole new audience who usually prefer to spend their evenings without the feeling that accompanies the going out to a play or a contemporary dance performance or even going out to a gallery.
This will also bring the already acquainted dance audiences to experience high art without the conservative environment usually surrounding it.
It's definitely not a fringe or an interactive show.
Imagine this -
Music is playing
A deserted church / hangar / big underground squat rave space (mid 90’s) - non-traditional sitting- some people are standing around the stage, some on high stools, some around tables and maybe some sitting on the stairs.
People can order drinks and enjoy a kicking atmosphere, hang out and mingle.
Slowly and unnoticed the show is starting to build up - music, lighting and dance - sneaking into the venue - and before you know it - you’re half way through.
The show is composed of short segments of between 3 to 15 minutes that can be net dance or net music but mostly a combination of them.
The show will have a feeling of a dj-set build-up which will enrapture the audience into a uplifting ecstatic experience.
It is like the experience of watching a good music video that you cannot forget. A brief, intense and imprinted experience.

Artistic Team

Gai Behar


Sharon Eyal


Ori Lichtrik

Ori Lichtik


Co-producing Partners



Sadler's Wells Theatre

United Kingdom


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