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12 / 06

Swan Lake

Opéra national du Rhin

Swan Lake


Choreographer’s note: Drawing inspiration from ancient Slavic and Nordic legends, where fate emerges from the mysterious forces of Nature, Swan Lake has fashioned its own myth.
When I was invited by Bruno Bouché, Director of the CCN/Ballet of the OnR, I hungrily pounced on this deeply nostalgic work – where ideal love is ever out of reach.
I will take the “Freudian” slant devised by Rudolf Nureyev for the Ballet of the Opéra in Paris in 1984 as my starting point. Prince Siegfried, manipulated by the malevolent Rothbart, escapes from the chains of power and marriage to hide in dreams, where a magic lake harbouring idealised love appears to him. The tragic ending to this masterpiece doesn’t reflect the victory of evil, but the neverending quest for unattainable perfection.
My Lake will be a Lake where dancers, musicians and the audience will meditate in an atmosphere of true closeness… witnessing a love story in a setting where all three exchange glances and reach out to each other. I want to deconstruct the classical text – while preserving its excellence and magic – to create something more romantic and emotional, by playing on the carnal, emotive dimension of the body.

Artistic Team

Swan Lake is the meeting between the tradition of ballet, with the Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin, and a theatric independent and contemporary world with Radhouane El Meddeb’s company, the Compagnie de Soi. This original creation is a part of the project and reflexion that Bruno Bouché built for the Ballet de l’Opéra national du Rhin: “Un Ballet Européen au XXIe siècle” (a European ballet in the XXI century).

Olivier Roller

Radhouane El Maddeb


Bruno Bouche

Bruno Bouché

Artistic advisor

Co-producing Partners

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