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This production is envisioned as an opportunity for opera creation in the region of Balkans including three countries: Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria. As a part of an international project Young at Opera, opera creation is the most needed segment towards contribution and empowerment of young composers, dramaturgs, librettists and designers.
The story of this opera NOVA comes from the ancient times and it includes power, partnerships, marriage, status and relationships. Originally, this idea was used for many opera pieces: from Telemann’s “Pimpinone” and Pergolesi’s “La Serva Padrona” to Paisiello’s opera of the same name. From whatever angle we look at these texts we see a universal topic, everlasting battle of the power and of the sexes, and yet so much opportunity of looking at this story through the eyes of today.
What are relationships nowadays? In love, in marriage, in business, in friendship? Who are the ones that are involved in them directly or indirectly? How many people form the relationship? Can it be one person? How do we create relationships? Who are the ones that help us? Assist us? Who are Serpinas and Ubertos of today, and what is really the role of silent role so many times used in operatic literature?
Operosa wants to commission a piece that reflects and addresses all of these questions. Compact ensemble of string quartet, piano, two singers and an actor are small in number, but the possibilities of expression of this ensemble are exciting.

Artistic Team

1. Lina Leković - Costume designer, Montenegro 2. Magdalena Vlajić - set designer, Serbia 3. Joseph Jones, conductor, USA The artistic team gathered to create this piece represents highly talented young creators from the region with the differences that some of them are very experienced opera creators and the others will be in opera production for the first time. Milica has a history of pianistic career and just recently, in the past several years, she started composing and educating herself in that direction. Jovan is multitalented artist who is not only stage director but a pianist, actor and writer. His task is going to be to write the libretto for the piece and to stage it. Magdalena is a set and light designer who has a very rich career in all kinds of theatre. For Lina, this is going to be first time working in an opera production. Joseph expressed great interest in working in the Balkan region.

Milica Ilic

Milica Ilić


Jovan Stamatovic Karic

Jovan Stamatović Karić


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