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Swans Vol. 2: On tour
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Poznań Opera House

Swans Vol. 2: On tour
Movement workshops, dance performance and international tour addressed and created together with the blind and visually impaired people based on the most famous ballet title ever - “Swan lake”. Let us reinvent this masterpiece: from the darkness and blurred shapes to the world of light.


The "Swans" project results from the need to open an opera house to people with visual disabilities and is a response for the small presence of people with disabilities in the active creation of professional culture and art. The author of the concept - Tobiasz Berg - created a scenario for a workshop and a dance theater performance based on many years of experience in preparing and effectively carrying out tasks in the field of cultural education addressed to the communities at risk of exclusion, including the blind and visually impaired. The first part of the project will consist of workshops, rehearsals, the premiere of the performance and the preparation of a summary publication.

The inspiration for the workshop activities and the construction of the performance is the attitude of Augusto Boal, his vision of the Theater of the Oppressed and choreography and dance seen as part of body and movement therapy. The workshops will be aimed primarily at people with visually impaired, but will remain open to other audiences, including willing employees of the Poznań Opera House. Among the blind and visually impaired workshop participants, a group will be formed that will participate in rehearsals and continued work on the premiere of the performance based on "Swan Lake". To ensure comfort and maximum sense of security for people with visual disabilities, apart from the experienced creative team, we are planning to invite a typhlo-pedagogue and an instructor of spatial orientation who will accompany the workshops and the process of preparing for the performance.

After the premiere we would like to prepare an international tour to show the created performance in other destinations and again build new possibilities for our participants. The presentation of the performance will be combined with workshops addressed to the local community, during which participants together with creative team became experts and guides through new movements of their own “Swan Lake”.

Artistic Team

Team selected for the project are very involved in social activities, especially those related to people with disabilities. In their work, they put great emphasis on making culture available to people with disabilities.




Stowarzyszenie Przyjaciół Niewidomych i Słabowidzących/ Association of Friends of the Blind and Visually Impaired



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