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Marelle / que les corps modulent !

Comme je l’entends, les productions

Marelle / que les corps modulent !
A contemporary musical and choreographic piece, performed by a group of twelve to fifteen children from priority districts, represented on the stages of prestigious opera houses thanks to an innovative scenic and musical device.


“Marelle / que les corps modulent!” is a proposition in which the children become both the ballet dancers and the musicians of the project. They are as much the performers as they are the orchestra that interprets the score. This concept is based on a device in which each movement triggers the production of a sound, like a musical hopscotch (“marelle”). This device, which is at once scenic, instrumental and technological, also has acoustic, plastic and poetic implications. It is an orchestra of objects and materials, the manipulation of which implies a strong physical and gestural dimension. The space is thus envisaged as a “luthier’s workshop under construction”, transformed and inhabited by energetic and playful children.

The production takes the form of a danced concert. An abstract artistic gesture, free of narration, but full of interaction, fantasy and of the joy of play. A moment in which listening to music and listening to the body become one, in which instrumental technique and choreographic intention become inseparable.

To achieve this result, the children will have gone through a series of artistic practice workshops, supervised by a team of professional artists from one of the most inventive musical companies in France. Conducted in pairs by a composer and a choreographer, these workshops are based on an innovative and collaborative pedagogy that allows each child, without any prior artistic practice required, to become involved in the project and to reach a professional level of artistic interpretation.

“Marelle / que les corps modulent!” is redesigned each time. The project was conceived as being of an open format, meaning it can be adapted to the spaces in which it is performed and to the children personality. Thus, no less than four different productions, concerning four different groups of children from priority districts in four different territories, are planned in 2023 et 2024.

Artistic Team

The company Comme je l'entends, les productions has been dedicated to contemporary musical and scenic creation since 2012. Its general artistic approach aims to re-invent formats (opera, music theatre, scenographic concert pieces, installations, musical walks) as well as to re-invent the relationship with the listener and the spectator (immersive, participative projects, in situ and customised creations within civil society...) For the Marelle / que les corps modulent! project, the company has put together a team, remaining attentive to the skills and personalities of the artists and technicians, as well as to parity and emergence. This team includes - the composer and artistic director Benjamin Dupé, founder of the company, who is as comfortable in the creative aspects as in the artistic transmission and teaching. (For example, he has already worked with children for his opera "Du chœur à l'ouvrage", and he also has a diploma in musical education with a Certificate of Aptitude for the functions of music teacher issued by the French Ministry of Culture). - the choreographers Marine Colard and Marion Lévy, chosen because they both have careers as choreographers (emerging for Marine, more established for Marion), experience of working in workshops with children and attention to sound and music - the assistant director Maialen Imirizaldu, a young artist with an art school diploma, who is destined to become a stage designer, chosen for her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of the constraints of the Caen performance space - the set designer Olivier Thomas, the production manager Julien Frénois and the lighting designer Christophe Forey, faithful collaborators of Benjamin Dupé's creations for the past ten years.


Opéra de Dijon (in partnership with the Dancing and the Camille Flammarion school group)


Théâtre de Caen (in partnership with the Guillaume Le Conquérant Secondary School)



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