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LOVA - La Opera un Vehículo de Aprendizaje (Opera, a Learning Vehicle)
LOVA - La Opera un Vehículo de Aprendizaje (Opera, a Learning Vehicle)
LÓVA "Opera, a learning vehicle" is an educational project conceived for primary schools whereby teachers turn their classrooms into opera companies. The students choose their professions freely, and at the end of the scholar year, the group creates and performs an opera without the help of adults.


"LOVA is an educational project that uses the creation of an opera as an integrative learning platform. LÓVA is learning through the arts.

LOVA is included in the class timetable of different areas/subjects and occupies an entire school year becoming a memorable and transformative experience.
The creation of an opera company in the classroom involves articulating a whole range of skills and competencies and bringing to the classroom the metaphor of how people, working together, can face great challenges.

LÓVA is integrated into the school program and aims to develop key competencies. It is currently being implemented in schools all over Spain thanks to the enthusiastic work of teachers committed to the integral development of their students, but we believe that it is time for lova to go further and make its training and materials available to companies all over Europe.

LÓVA is a long-standing project. On the one hand it has antecedents in the United States and England since the seventies, and on the other hand it began to take shape at the Teatro Real in Madrid in 2005. In addition, its practical trajectory has completed ten years of successful application in one hundred and fifty projects in fifteen autonomous communities and in different cultural, educational and social contexts. LÓVA has its origin in the project that Bruce Taylor and Joann Forman created for the Seattle Opera in the 70s and in the 80s expanded the Metropolitan Opera Guild of New York.

Artistic Team

"The prestigious teacher training program provided by LÓVA, largely inspired by the long teaching tradition of a previous project in the United States, has allowed us to reach out to teachers who wish to make LÓVA their way of teaching. In addition to the trainers who will introduce the method to the professors who will implement it in their classrooms, LOVA has a group of professionals behind all this work, all with a background as diverse as the needs of our students. "


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