Digital Prize 2022


Musiktheatertage Wien

What kind of world do we want to live in?


„KOLLAPSOLOGIE“ is a music theater experiment set up over four years: What world do we want? The audience creates „performative discussions“, plays along in japanese „Snow Games“ and sees the world premiere of a pantomime opera „The Death of Empedocles“ after Hölderlin in Farsi. Synchronously on the Internet you can follow a version as cyberopera.

Artistic Team

The team is a artistic collective, starting from concepts by Thomas Cornelius Desi. It involves the integration of technical aspects (development of digital technology for the web-Interaction) by Peter Koger, and the appearances of various artists with a broad beckaground. Roman M Müller is the main actor and as a pantomime appears in a film as well as in live action, Samaan and Manami present texts in Farsi and Japanese, from which musicians such as Vinicius Cajado, Elizabeth Kelvin and more are developing the concept of "compositional translation". Finally the audience itself will be an important artistic participant, hence at the moment unknown.


Peter Koger, Elisabeth Vlasaty



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