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Campus Peralada

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Campus Peralada
Campus Peralada is a way for Festival Castell de Peralada to reflect and connect. The programme aims to answer "What is the role of dance today?" through a series of workshops and activities in primary care settings that allow joint reflection on the role of culture, the body and dance today.


With a history of more than thirty-six years, the Castell de Peralada Festival is the leading internationally known summer Festival of song and dance in Spain and has a strong commitment to young talent and new creation. Located in the north of Catalonia within touching distance of France, the Festival is in a rural area that does not have extensive cultural infrastructure.
For the last six years, the Festival has been running Campus Peralada in parallel with its summer programming. Campus Peralada provides a tool for reflection and connection. Its programme of activities reaches more than two thousand students in the area. The purpose of Campus Estiu (Summer Campus) is to open the doors of the Festival to local students from the area around Girona who do not have access to the world of the dramatic arts with the participation of international artists.

Following its 5 year, Campus Peralada took a qualitative leap and expanded into three different branches of activity:

Campus Escola is a programme of educational activities that encourages an atmosphere of reflection, practice and exchange of experiences based on movement, the body and the performing arts in secondary schools in the district of Girona. To that end, we have created Programa Reconnectant (Programme of Reconnection): a programme for secondary schools that reasserts the importance of the body in learning. Through a series of hybrid sessions (online and in-person), our aim is to work and reflect with students on the body and physical contact, both individually and collectively. Through exercises and play activities developed by professionals from the world of the arts, students learn first-hand how to use their bodies as tools for learning.
The Campus Salut programme takes events in the Festival to patients and staff in healthcare settings, to allow the performing arts to find a place within healthcare institutions

Artistic Team

The Festival Castell de Peralada team is leading by Mr. Oriol Aguilà. The coordination is under Laia Tous and the Campus Peralada production remains in Judit Jordana. All team coordinate the Campus activities. The program runs in parallel to the Festival and aims to answer the following question: "What is the role of dance today?”. At the festival, we want to respond to this through an educational program featuring a series of workshops, actions and activities in primary care spaces, in order to reflect jointly on the role that culture, the body and dance play today, in a scenario where social contact is not yet possible. To do this, Campus Peralada, led by artist and educator Jordi Ferreiro, has been structured in three different branches: Campus Escola, Campus Salut and Campus Estiu. Anna Berenguer is the performer of the activities of the Campus Escola. - All staff and artists are from Spain.


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