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Ballo Arthur Pita’s VR storybook

United Kingdom
The Space

Ballo Arthur Pita’s VR storybook
The creation of an immersive, VR ‘performance storybook’, based on Ballo Arthur Pita’s adaptation of Mick Jackson’s ‘Ten Sorry Tales’.


Ten Sorry Tales is a collection of modern-day fables. From the child who sleeps for fifteen years, to the sinister sisters who prey on trespassers and the boy who brings butterflies back to life – Mick Jackson’s tales are by turns moving and gruesome, funny and dark. Beautifully eccentric and infused with gothic charm. Together with Arthur Pita's celebrated surreal take on story-telling – combining dance, theatre, live music and song - the project is already a multi-faceted & glorious undertaking, but we want to take it to another, immersive and memorable level.

Our combined vision is to create a VR experience presenting each of the tales in a truly modern way. Neon8 will combine 3D VR180 captured content with VR CGI graphics to create an immersive digital 'pop-up' story book.

Once viewers have VR headsets on, the 3D book will open and each tale will be introduced by the character who will 'pop-up' in 3D, stood in front of them. Surrounded by digital illustrations it will give the viewer a unique look at the character as they move around as well as additional information on the tale, before we ‘dive’ in to watching the performance of the tale itself, filmed in VR180 in a studio/theatre setting.

The VR content will be produced & distributed in the emerging VR180 format. Unlike 360, VR180 encompasses a 180-degree panorama which allows for a more passive, seated experience. This lends itself to much greater accessibility. No need to stand or have to look behind you but instead, it ensures that those with challenging mobility issues can also partake in this theatrical, breath-taking experience.

We want to create a piece of work that can also be ‘toured’ in VR headsets to people who don’t ordinarily get to the theatres. These tours can be done in-person facilitated by Neon8 and The Space, with synchronised playback in headsets, as well as online at home via Box Office VR.

Artistic Team

Kelman Greig-Kicks is the Creative Director of Neon8. He will lead on the creation and capture of the VR capture and post-production for Neon8. Gemma Greig-Kicks is the Creative Producer of Neon8. She will lead on the production of the VR capture and post-production for Neon8. Arthur Pita is a London-based choreographer who works internationally. He will direct and choreograph Ten Sorry Tales. Matthew Jones is Executive Directgor of Ballo Arthur Pita. He will lead on the production of the live show, Ten Sorry Tales, and represent BAP on this VR collaboration. Sarah Fortescue is Head of Distribution at The Space. Sarah will lead on the Ten Sorry Tales 180 VR project for The Space, providing advice around distribution and introduction to new networks.



United Kingdom

Ballo Arthur Pita

United Kingdom


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